Sunday, January 18, 2015

有关蒙头/蒙頭(哥林多前第11章)- 亲爱的中国,台湾,新加坡姐妹! 热烈欢迎.

Dear Christian ladies in the Chinese-speaking world,

"A warm welcome" in Chinese characters. Right: Traditional Chinese. Left: Simplified Chinese

Hello. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I am a Japanese sister in Christ and your neighbor. In this post, I’d like to share with you one article about Christian Headcovering (1 Conrinthians 11) in Chinese.

But before that, please allow me to tell you about my personal story.

Some years ago, when I was sitting in the university cafeteria, one Chinese lady came with her lunch plate and sat in front of me. And we started to converse. Then, I don’t remember how but somehow the topic moved to a war time issue. When I told her how I felt sorry and asked her forgiveness, suddenly she burst out crying. And she sobbed out her inner turmoil and told me as follows;

Thank you for telling me this. Actually,,,I have hated, hated and hated Japanese all my life. I have hated everything about Japan. I have hated any product which was made in Japan and I never bought one. All of my friends hate Japan as well. And I had so much difficulty in forgiving you…but now, when I heard your word, something has changed in my heart and I feel lighter now.

Her teary confession has been in my heart since then. I prayed to God, “Lord, I believe it was You who showed me the pain and wounds of our neighbors through her. I feel so sorry. Lord, please do not let me leave this earth without doing something good to them. How can I soothe their suffering hearts? I want to be their good neighbor. Please guide me and show me the way.”

So it has always been in my heart to communicate with you and make friends with you. Actually, I am practicing Christian headcovering which is commanded in 1 Corinthians 11 as well and I have been receiving so many spiritual blessings. And it is a great joy to share these blessings with you.

If you read simplified Chinese please click here  (有关蒙的迷思)
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