Sunday, January 25, 2015

A godly maiden in the modern-day France―let us all encourage Caroline ardently!

Sisters, have you noticed that the Spirit of God is currently working and inviting god-fearing maidens from all parts of the world? This spiritual move is like a rapid torrent.

Regarding this, my friend Jessica told me as follows;

"I was stuck by how many women (and men) are suddenly hearing God’s voice speak to them about the covering command. For sure, we are sometimes far apart geographically, but are being called by the omnipresent Spirit of God at the same time! "

Today, I’d like to share with you the great encounter which God provided for me last week. As I was reading sister Tessa’s blog, one particular comment caught my attention.

A young maiden called Caroline from France had left a message, asking Tessa to give her permission to translate her testimony into French. From the content, I could sense that she was a serious Bible-believing Christian.

“A Bible-believing sister in the modern-day France? Lord, is it possible?” I was stunned. And then I was overjoyed.

Now I have lived in Europe for nearly ten years and I have seen the unfortunate spiritual depravity and indifference in the hearts of many European people. Historically speaking, ever since Paul planted the seed of the Gospel in Europe, it had been the spiritual center of Biblical Christianity. Many sincere prayers had been offered to heaven from the closets, kitchens, dungeons and forests. Many young missionaries had sailed for heathen lands and toiled for the sake of Christ and for the unsaved souls.

Then, what happened to Europe? It seems to me that people are much more interested in oriental religions, self-enlightenment, energy, yoga and new-age occults. They are very tolerant toward any kinds of religions and philosophies except the simple Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is a great intolerance and rejection toward Jesus Christ in the midst of  this “tolerant” society.

Jesus told us that “Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head (Luke 9:58)”. Sadly, even today, He does not have a place to sleep nor rest because the hearts of the people are firmly shut toward Jesus. He is still looking for responsive hearts which welcome Jesus and lodge Him in their hearts.

But then I found a French sister called Caroline who dedicated herself to the Lord and made her heart a lovely, warm place for Jesus to lodge.

I wrote to her and started to correspond with each other. The more I’ve got to know her, the more I was impressed by her sincerity and her single-mindedness. Out of her passion to glorify Him by the way she dress, she started to open the site in French. (You can read her modest dress testimony here. You can read it in English by clicking google translation sign.)

She shared with me that she has been ridiculed from time to time because of her serious attitude about the dress and Christian living. Some people thought she was weird. No, Caroline, you are not weird. Your heart attitude and your dedication are so beautiful and worthy in the eyes of God.

We are your fellow pilgrims who share the same convictions and we would not let you feel alone. We will all support you and stand by you. The Kingdom of God is for those of you who have pure hearts and child-like simplicity.

Sisters, shall we all pray for our sister Caroline tomorrow? (On Monday, 26th Jan.; the day of prayer for headcovering sisters.) She started to cover her head quite recently and she needs our encouragement and support, for she is in the unsupportive environment. Let us visit her French blog and leave some lovely comments!

Also, let’s pray for the spiritual refreshment and restoration of the French speaking people. O Lord, rekindle the light which used to be twinkling like countless stars in the hearts of French souls! Please use Caroline’s blog for stirring up young maidens toward modesty, chastity and holy living for our Lord Jesus Christ. Let Thy Kingdom come in the midst of French-speaking people.

Lastly I will quote a spiritual poem of Therese of Lisieux (1873-1897), a French holy woman who is known as "The Little Flower of Jesus."

To live of love, 'tis by Thy life to live,
O glorious King, my chosen, sole Delight!
Hid in the Host, how often
Thou dost give Thyself to those who seek
Thy radiant light.

Then hid shall be my life, unmarked, unknown,
That I may have Thee heart to heart with me;
For loving souls desire to be alone,
With love, and Thee!
         -Therese of Lisieux-

Caroline's blog is here.