Monday, January 5, 2015

Prayer notebook for my covering sisters

Hello, my dear covering sisters. We might live far from each other geographically but actually we are so near. We are united under the same convictions and biblical beliefs, and thus our friendship is strong and high above the mountains, forests and oceans.

Today as I was thinking of my new covering friends, an idea came into my mind; Why not make a special prayer-notebook and write down the names of my new friends? So I made one as you see below.

And I decided to set aside every Monday as a special prayer day for my new dear friends. And I wrote down the name Irina and Jessica on the first page. Well, if He brings me more friends in the future, then of course, I am going to add names on it.

I pray that our Father gives them abundant joy and blessings this new year. I also pray He will give us inner strength to stay firm in our convictions and be faithful to Him. 

Father, please be with them when they feel lonely and sad. Please defend them when they are wrongly judged by others and open the spiritual eyes of the people around them so that they can see the truth about head covering command in the Bible. Father, unite us with Thy love and use our whole lives for your glory. In Jesus' Name I pray, Amen.