Monday, February 23, 2015

Christian Head covering―a remedy for broken marriages and relationships; Sister Tessa's living example

Recently I read Sister Tessa’s testimony (here) with tears. It was so touching that I could not help but leaving the following comment on her blog;
Dear sweet sister, Tessa,
Tears welled up in my eyes, as I was reading your honest confessions. I felt you were writing straight from your heart and soul.,,One of the wonderful points I see in you, which I highly admire, is that you respond to God’s urge “immediately”. This is awesome and praiseworthy. And I should learn from you! I love your post, I love your character and I love your heart attitude toward God and the Bible. Please continue to share your faith journey with us.  from your fellow head covering sister, Kinuko
Tessa started to cover her head because “her marriage was at a crucial point, and something drastic needed to take place in order to ensure it survived.”

And then do you know what happened? She wrote; “,,(I) saw immediate changes in my marriage. I am still astounded every day by the changes I have seen in my husband, my children, and myself. It has absolutely been worth it for that reason alone. “

Her powerful recovery testimony on marriage opened my eyes to see why this doctrine of head covering has been neglected for 60 or more years. That’s because this practice irritates Satan so much. Satan hates this truth to be revealed to the heart of Christians in modern churches because the revival of this practice does restore broken relationships between husbands and wives. It shall restore family order and unity. It shall wipe tears from children who are suffering in the broken family. And most importantly, it shall glorify our Lord Jesus Christ.

I will quote some of her struggles and deliverance;

“The first problem that had to be dealt with was my relationship with my husband. It has become common in our culture for women to be the leaders of their families, and like it that way. They feel that their husbands act like chidlren, and they are unafraid to slander him to their friends. They believe that they can talk to their husbands however they want, and that their husbands should obey them. 
Being immersed in this culture, I began to find it difficult to not feel that way as well. I was continuously hurting my husband with my words and actions, smearing his name to my friends, and continually having to ask God to help me fix my marriage. That is partially how my husband and I got to a bad place. My solution to that, as stated before, was to actively practice submission. Just deciding to do this has purified me and required me to trust God more than ever before. I have had to silence myself when in groups that bash their husbands. I have had to practice self-control to not argue with my husband when he's made a decision I didn't agree with. I have had to swallow my pride and put my needs before his. I have had to ask God to help me do these things, because I cannot do them on my own. I have gone deeper. I have stepped closer to God. “

And then, she continues how the pracice of head covering has been changing her from inside;

“Headcovering came from a desire to show submission. It has done that, but in addition, it has given me a reminder of what I am called to as a Christian. The other day, I was in the bathroom at work, and I was a little frustrated about something, and I could feel myself getting huffy. As I was washing my hands, muttering something under my breath, I looked in the mirror and saw my head covering. Suddenly, a sense of calm came over me. "Oh, that's right," I thought. "I am a daughter of the One True King. I am called to more than this." 
I asked for forgiveness and help right there, and moved on with my day, with God as my leader. I did not go down the trail that would have led to haughty eyes and dissension. This little piece of cloth on my head is helping me to focus my eyes on Him all the time. This little thing that originally came about as a way to help my marriage is helping me in my walk with God. It is helping me move past those struggles that are keeping me tied to spiritual baby food. “

Ladies, isn’t it wonderful? Let us go to visit her blog and leave messages for this amazing sister who has a child-like spirit. I believe that her recovery on marriage will bring tremendous blessings on countless other couples who have passed through similar trials and difficulties.

Tessa, we all encourage you and pray for you! 

Here is her blog.

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