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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Instead of using "misandry & misogyny", let us pursue and live in the redeemed world of "sebasmandry & sebasmogyny" !

In my previous Japanese blog post, I wrote about the excellent short video message entitled "Feminism and the Christian women" by Mary Kassian.

Upon this, Sanae, my fellow sister, left a thoughtful comment and there she explained to me about the meaning of the words such as misandry, misogyny.

As many of you might know, these words came from the Greek misos (μσος, "hatred"), andros ("man") and gyny ("woman"). So, misandry means, the hatred or dislike of men, whereas misogyny means the hatred or dislike of woman.

When I heard these words, my heart ached. Because I live in the Greek-speaking world, the word misos ("hatred") is familiar to me. It is a strong, piercing word like a sharp knife. And it is, unfortunately, everywhere.

Negative, hateful words are produced and kept in the dark hearts of man and these words spread so quickly. In contrast, sound and uplifting words are disappearing from the hearts of man day by day. O it shouldn't be like that!


Today, I read the portion of Anne of Avonlea again where Anne and her friends are trying to name a woodland pool in the forest. Here it goes;

The path was a winding one, so narrow that the girls walked in single file and even then the fir boughs brushed their faces. Under the firs were velvety cushions of moss, and further on, where the trees were smaller and fewer, the ground was rich in a variety of green growing things.

,,"Oh, girls, look at that!"

"That" was a shallow woodland pool in the center of a little open glade where the path ended. Later on in the season it would be dried up and its place filled with a rank growth of ferns; but now it was a glimmering placid sheet, round as a saucer and clear as crystal. A ring of slender young birches encircled it and little ferns fringed its margin.

"HOW sweet!" said Jane.

"Let us dance around it like wood-nymphs," cried Anne, dropping her basket and extending her hands.

But the dance was not a success for the ground was boggy and Jane's rubbers came off.

"You can't be a wood-nymph if you have to wear rubbers," was her decision.

"Well, we must name this place before we leave it," said Anne, yielding to the indisputable logic of facts. "Everybody suggest a name and we'll draw lots. Diana?"

"Birch Pool," suggested Diana promptly.

"Crystal Lake," said Jane.

Anne, standing behind them, implored Priscilla with her eyes not to perpetrate another such name and Priscilla rose to the occasion with "Glimmer-glass." Anne's selection was "The Fairies' Mirror."

The names were written on strips of birch bark with a pencil Schoolma'am Jane produced from her pocket, and placed in Anne's hat. Then Priscilla shut her eyes and drew one. "Crystal Lake," read Jane triumphantly. Crystal Lake it was, and if Anne thought that chance had played the pool a shabby trick she did not say so.

    ―Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne Of Avonlea, Chapter 13 A Golden Picnic


"The Fairies' Mirror"―isn't it so beautiful? I was captivated by her lively imagination and her lovely, uplifting and creative spirit. Then, inspired by Anne, I also attempted to create new, uplifting words this morning. Yes, instead of misandry and misogyny, I created the alternative words which are;

sebasmandry =the respect or reverence of men

sebasmogyny =the respect or reverence of women

 *Sebasmos (σεβασμός) means "respect, reverence" in Greek.

Friends, shall we glorify Him by cherishing, preserving and creating sublime, hopeful words together? Shall we decorate our inner world with soft and feminine words? Shall we ask Him to sanctify our vocabularies and encourage others with spirit-filled, life-giving words? O that our words may reflect His beautiful attributes!



  1. In that Youtube video, when she says "throwing off all boundaries, throwing off authority, grabbing things, taking control, going off into the workplace; those things have not answered the deep yearnings of women's hearts" -- as a guy, I can assure that they don't answer it for men as well. Great video. -Anonymouse

    1. Yes, I assure you they don't. How sad. If people would only understand God's direction and plan for the individual roles of men and women, things would be wonderful! Yesterday, as we honoured the fathers of our congregation, one woman said, "These men are the head, the leaders. We are just the heart." My father almost interjected and said, "JUST the heart?! Now, let's not diminish the role of either!" Both roles are important and valuable, and this is the truth that femenists miss. We are equally valuable, but we play different roles for God's kingdom. Thank you for your comment! I just wanted to share this.

      Also, Kinuko-san, you do a wonderful job of living this beautiful truth out. :)

    2. Kegan, exellent comment! Yes, you are right. "Both roles are important and valuable,,,we are equally valuable, but we play different roles for God's kingdom." It is so great that you grasp this profound truth at the young age (I wish I could be taught this in my teens so that I could avoid many hurtings and mistakes in my early 20s!) You are a blessed young woman, Kay-chan! Kinuko

  2. Good morning. Thank you for your comment! It is great to hear from brother's perspective. May God bless you abundantly. Kinuko

  3. I visited Prince Edward Island in April. Unfortunately Green Gables were closed, but me and my friend got to see it from the distance as well as Avonlea. They build the entire town of Avonlea. We saw it from the distance again.
    I love those books.
    When Walter dies, Anne shows tremendous faith

  4. Wow, Irina. Did you visit Prince Edward!!? So good! I wish I could visit there one day. I am delighted to know that you also like Anne of Green Gables. Isn't it so amazing that we are all captivated by the charming character of Anne regardless of our nationalities? I think there are attractions in Anne such as purity, love of beauty, nobleness, liveliness, goodness and kindness, which are the gifts of God.

    And yes, you are right. When Walter was killed in the war, she showed tremendous faith. By the way, have you ever read, "Stepping Heavenward--One Woman's Journey to Godliness" by Mrs.E.Prentiss? I love this book, too. Thank you very much for your comment. Kinuko

  5. Dear Kinuko,I haven't known that these words are from Greek until you explained on your article.It is so sad if man and woman cannot support each other because of hatred.We need each other to show God's groly.

    Dear Irina,stories of Anne by Montgomery are also famous in Japan. I've watched its animation made in Japan on TV when I was a little girl.And then I read three books of them.My mother is a big fan of Anne's stories.Recently I gave her illustrated dishes of Anne with Diana! She hoped to visit Prince Edward island when she was young.When I read these stories, I was not christian,maybe now I can read them by different point of view.

  6. Dear Sanae san, thank you for your comment. Yes, I totally agree with you that we (men and women) need each other and through this harmony in creation order, God's glory shall be manifested.

    Oh, I was so glad to hear that your mother is a big fan of Anne's stories. Please send my best regards to her and ask her which episodes are your most favorite ones.Please tell her that I like the episode of the essay contest sponsored by the "baking powder company". That was so funny.

    with love, Kinuko

  7. Oh, I also liked the episode of baking powder company's contest! I laughed at Diana's 'kindness' at that time.(I was 13 years old then.) Next time when I met my mother,I will ask her about this.

    1. Sanae, oh yes, I laughted at Diana's "kindness", too. Actually, I started to feel more attachment to your mother! Please send my best regards to her from Greece! Kinuko