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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Beauty Of Silence: My Testimony Regarding Christian Woman's Silence In The Church (1 Cor 14.34)

Let your women keep silence in the churches. 1 Cor. 14.34a

Recently, one of my Japanese blog readers asked me, "how come you accept 1 Cor 14.34 and obey it's command? I cannot! Besides, it is said that this verse was inserted by somebody else in the later century."

Well, I don't write down the contents of our discussion regarding the validity of 1 Cor 14.34 here. Instead, as a former female preacher, I'd like to testify to you how this particular command of silence in the Bible has brought me blessings and recovery.

The writer of the Ecclesiastes said, "(there is) a time to keep silence, and a time to speak" (Eccl.3:7 b).

By obeying the word of God, our Father grant us amazing inner joy and fulfillment which the world can never imagine.

Ladies, when we enter the gate of 1 Cor 14.34 with trustful and humble heart, we will be guided to the world of beauty sooner or later. This is the world where pious sisters are being nourished spiritually, silently adoring her Bridegroom.

Silence, deep as time eternal, Broods around the throne divine, 
Where in loving, blissful union,  Father,Son and Spirit shine.  
Then the heav'nly Sanctus thunders, As Thy prostrate hosts adore, 
Cast their crowns before Thine altar, Praising Thee for evermore.

In Japan, there is a distinct sense of beauty called, Yohaku no bi. It originated in the medieval Japanese aesthetic principle described as the "beauty of the remaining white". Yohaku designated the white space, the unfilled space or margin, which bears a aesthetic significance for the overall impression of a scene in the calligraphy work, room, image etc.

For me, sister's silence in the churches wonderfully reflects Yohaku no bi in a spiritual sense.

O that we all taste the blessedness of biblical silence and its wonderful effects upon our souls. In Jesus' name, Amen.


  1. 1Cor 14.34 is one of most sensitive verse in modern church,I think. What did Paul try to say with this expression? Cathoric priests of Middle Ages interpreted it means women are not allowed not only to preach but to sing praise song while corporate worship.Other people interpreted it prohibits ladies only to preach in public. I think it shows headship of man in worship.(from expression 'let your women..)

  2. Dear Sanae, thank you so much for your input! Actually, I wanted to know how the churches interpreted this verse historically, so your information was very useful. If you know more about this verse, please let us know! Thank you. Kinuko

  3. Amen!
    I completely agree with you Kinuko.

    Kisses to all ladies here from Caribbean, .

    Hugs Kinuko

  4. Oh, dear Sarina! How I was delighted to receive your comment!

    Now Dominican Repulic is not just one of the Caribbean countries. Through our loving fellowship and prayer, Dominican is so near to me, because you are so near to me.

    Sarina, now I am asking other Prayer Team members to pray for Spanish translator for the headcovering movement website. In this way, I hope we can encourage you and other Spanish speaking sisters in Latin America more and more.

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Please come back again.

    with much love to you,

  5. Kinuko, I do believe that by keeping silence in church i.e. not exercising authority over men, we are able to reflect God's design. I also believe that God can reveal us things that we must share with men. For example, Mary was the first one to see Jesus risen from the grave!
    I also believe that women can bring Gospel where men in general cannot get in. I even go as far as to assume that in some cases women can sneak Gospel into place because they are--in some cases--less likely to get searched. It's possible to hide things in many different places i. e. toiletries.
    Sorry I got of track over there.
    Much love and prayers,
    your little sister in Christ,

  6. Доброе утро , Ирина . Ваше сообщение всегда делает меня счастливым . Я благодарю Бога, что Он вывел вас в моей жизни, и мы идем в земной путь вместе.

    Irina, your perspective is really intriguing. I've not realized this point until today! Yes, you are right, Mary was the first one to see risen Jesus. We are also given abundant opportunities to deliver the Gospel to certain places, where sisters are able to approach more easily, as you said. That's true.

    Let us fully use our God-given resources in order to reach the lost souls! Thank you so much for your message.Kinuko

  7. Hello Kinuko!
    I was reading a biography and was disturbed by the lady saying the Spirit told her to preach in public meeting. My husband and I had a very good conversation last night about it, and today I thought of you. You say you were a preacher? I would love to hear your story sometime. Keep trusting Jesus!
    - Maribeth

  8. Dear beautiful, intelligent, poetic and lovely Maribeth,

    Hello, Maribeth! I've been wondering if you are fine and I was delighted to receive your message this morning! And thank you so much for remembering me and asking me questions about my past experience.

    I humbly share with you about my preaching (and female leadership in the church) experience in order to testify to the world that His Word regarding the creation order (including 1 Timothy 2) is true, yes, eternally true.

    I boldly and sincerely testify to the world that the reason why God forbids women to rule over men (or teach) in the church is because of His amazing love and care for us sisters. I say this from my own bitter and hurting experiences and I am so grateful that now I am completely different from what I was in the past.

    I was in charge of mens' group in my first church (at that time, I was a seminary student). I did this partly because there was no male leader in our church and partly because this church allows female leadership. At that time, I had believed that it was God who entrusted me to pastor people including male believers and I did it with all of my heart and with all of my strength.

    However, I've come to realize keenly about my feebleness as a female. I felt that my "femininity" is rather a hindrance in our ministry. So I prayed to God one day: Lord, in order to pastor them more effectively, I am even ready to sacrifice my "femininity". Oh, Lord, do accept this sacrifice and use me as a vessel for Your glory!" (Of course, this kind of thought was both unbiblical and wrong, but at that time, I had thought in this way unfortunately.)

    As a sign of this "sacrifice", I even went to the beauty shop and got my hair very very short (like male). My mental state started to be downward as the time goes, not knowing that the root cause of my unstableness and disorder was my ignorance (and refusal) to His creation order. Sometimes I became hysterical toward my leader and shouted at her violently and with uncontrollable tears. Other times, I withdraw into my shell and did not open my heart to anyone.

    Then one morning, I left my beloved church (I was living in a church flat) without even saying good-bye to anyone, took a plane and went back to my hometown state.

    I confess to you that, I was utterly a disqualified church staff and my sins were in front of me. In front of God, there is no excuse of my foolish and unmatured behaviors, and I sincerely apologize to our brothers and sisters for my past mistakes.

    Now I am publicly saying about the wrongness of female ordination but at the same time, I have deep love and compassion for my fellow sisters who are still serving Him as pastors and deacons. That's because I have been loved and cared by them, lived and toiled for the cause of Christ together, shared joy and sadness as a Body of Christ. I know that many of them are still "ignorant" about the truth of creation order or, indoctrinated into egalitarian worldview from their young age. This is my sincere and affectionate prayer that our fellow female preachers/pastors would be gently guided by Him to the place where they would be healed and restored to the true biblical womanhood.

    Maribeth, thank you for listening my testimony. with love, Kinuko

  9. Kinuko, this is an amazing story! I'm so glad God graciously showed you these things.
    That same thing has been impressed upon me, that it is His good care and protection. As a woman, I too often act like Eve and doubt that God is good in denying something. But what amazing ministries and callings He has given to us! Does 1 Corinthians 14:35 mean that it is an honor for a woman to be in quietness? Quietness means a certain peace or sanity of mind! Thank you for sharing your story- it does my heart well to hear of people who experience the truth of God's word.
    Much Christian love- Maribeth

  10. Good morning! Dear Maribeth, thank you so much for your loving words. "In order to learn what it means to be a woman, we must start with the One who made her" said Elizabeth Elliot in her book, Let Me Be A Woman.

    Maribeth, I am going to quote my favorite portion from this book:

    "Womanhood is a call. It is a vocation to which we respond under God" p.53

    "We are not required somehow to "overcome" our sexuality. We affirm it . We rejoice in it. We seek to be faithful to it as we seek to use it as a gift of God." p.150

    "The underlying principle of love is self-giving. It seems to me that this is inevitable for a woman who truly loves. You already know how deeply, how urgently you long to give yourself to your husband. It is the essence of femininity to give." p.168

    p.s. And I love you said, "Quietness means a certain peace or sanity of mind!"
    Much love from Kinuko

    1. Kinuko-
      Sounds like a book I should read! Have a lovely day, sister! -MB