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Friday, July 3, 2015

Oh, there was never a blossom that bloomed so blithe as she (Amy Carmichael): a poem specially dedicated to Sister Sanae in Japan


              I dedicate the below poem to my sister Sanae

As you all might know, sister Sanae is a full-time headcovering sister in Japan. She has walked closely with the Lord for nearly 20 years and she has been my constant help and companion.

Japan is said to be a "graveyard" for missionaries. Regardless of advanced modern technology and high moral standard, Japan is one of the most "backward" nations in terms of the spread of the Gospel. It is true that there are no physical persecutions, nonetheless, there exists unknown pressure or spiritual opposition in that society, which many Japanese Christians feel almost every day.

So you can imagine Sanae's situations and how she has walked her spiritual journey in that dry land.

One of her distinct virtues is her faithfulness. Dear headcovering sisters, Sanae knows many of you already and she has been praying for you quietly in her closet. She is not like a colorful red-rose in the show room; rather she is like a wild lily in the spring valley, hidden from crowds and noises.

When you feel everybody seems to forget you or discard you, remember that there is sister Sanae, quietly and faithfully interceding for you.

When I read the following poem, I thought of her, thinking that a "blossom" in this poem beautifully reflects her and her life. May His light in her shines brightly in this dark world. Amen.
Oh, there was never a blossom
That bloomed so blithe as she,
On the bitter land, by the salt-wet sand,
On the margin of the sea,
Where never a flower but the gorse can blow,
And the dry sea-pink that the mermen sow,
There grows she.
Oh, there was never a blossom
That bloomed so brave as she,
On the narrow ledge of the mountain's edge
Where the wild fowl hardly be,
And over her head the Four Seasons go
With a rush of wings when the Storm Kings blow--
There grows she.
Oh, there was never a blossom
That bloomed content as she,
In the heart that burned, and loved and learned
of the Man of Galilee,
And plant her high, or plant her low,
In a bed of fire, or a field of snow,
There grows she.
Amy Carmichael,
from Toward Jerusalem


  1. Kinuko,thank you for sharing situation under which we Japanese christians are.
    Not only christianity,monotheism is often criticized in Japan.Many people regard it as intolerant faith which can cause conflicts.And those who have active faith in something are often wary.

    I live in the area where many immigrants live.It may be rare in Japan.When I moved here,I was bit surprised to know that they(Chinese/Vietnamese) are so active in their faith for my neighbours,Cathoric and Buddhism..compared with Japanese people.

    Generally speaking,Japanese christians met Jesus through trials or some personal reasons.Because most of us are not inborn believers.So maybe we are so blessed when we are under difficult situation.It can be a great chance to notice that we also need God.

    Ladies,please pray for our country.May God bless you all who are seeking truth in Christ.

  2. Sanae san, good morning. It was in my heart to express my love and gratitude to you publicly for some time and I am so glad that I was able to share your faith and character with other sisters in the world.

    Many of our immediate family and friends are still far from Him, which has been our heart-pain. Last week, I posted New Testament to my auntie and she informed us that she's got it yesterday. I pray that the Holy Spirit touch her as she reads NT.

    As you told us, yes, maybe we are so blessed when we are under difficult situations, for it would be a gateway to our soul's salvation. Please feel free to share with us about anything, Sanae san! I thank God for who you are. I thank Him who brought us together. Let us serve Him joyously. from Kinuko

  3. I admire you both. Wearing head covering you shows how much faith you have. I am so glad that we have such an amazing fellowship in Christ. You both are so amazing!

    1. Dear Irina, thank you for your kind words. You know, Sanae loves you so much and she always informs me whenever you update your blog post. And she is wishing and praying for the most blessed and joyful life in your journey. with love, Kinuko

  4. "Japan is said to be a "graveyard" for missionaries."

    Ahhh.. that is discouraging! Sounds like we need to pray for some more armor!

    Lord, may the missionaries in Japan be on fire with your Spirit! May they be continually sustained by Your goodness and given the strength to fight for the lost! Help them to strengthen their armor and continue the good fight! You are more powerful than any barrier; Your love conquers all. Soften the hearts and minds of the Japanese people; show them the truth about Shinto and Buddhism. Draw them out and near to You with your truth. Amen!

    1. Oh, what a powerful and sincere prayer! I was much strenghened and encouraged by your prayer. Thank you so much. from Kinuko