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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Comfort for those who are downhearted and sad: Elizabeth Prentiss

Я посвящаю эту поэму Моя дорогая сестра , Ирина .

Псалтирь102:1,2 Господи! услышь молитву мою, и вопль мой да придет к Тебе.
 Не скрывай лица Твоего от меня; в день скорби моей приклони ко мне ухо Твое; в день, [когда воззову к Тебе], скоро услышь меня;
Dear Lord, I do remember Thou hast said
That I may cast my every care on Thee;
But see, this deep oppression will not go,
But with its leaden hands holds fast to me.
Holds fast, and drags me down, and shuts my mouth,
Strangles the cry that fain would pierce the skies;
Helpless I lie before Thee, with no words
Upon my lips, with sad tearless eyes.
So be it, Lord; my joyous soul has need
Of its dark days, and in this dreary night,
Roots shall strike downward, that anon shall shoot
In rich and living branches to the light.
Oh may these branches bear some fruit for Thee,
In grateful memory of the loving hand,
That cast me in this gloomy, cheerless spot,
And all its dreariness and darkness planned.
 -Elizabeth Prentiss

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  1. Thank you for introducing this sincere poem here.
    May our God touch all our sisters and brothers in Christ who has suffering.
    And may this poem be encouragement for readers.

    Once I had experience which made me ask Lord again and again 'Do you really know my agony?'. Three years later, He let me know why I should have been there.If we stay in God, nothing happens to us without His permission.And in His plan,He can use our experience as good.


  2. Dear Sanae, thank you for sharing with us your life journey. Yes, you are right. Nothing happens without His permission. It is touching to know that He showed you the reason why you suffered, ---three years later! (not 3 days later or 3 months later). When we are in the midst of agonies, it is often difficult to see beyond the situation and to see from His perspective. Hearing such a testimony helps me to stay in Him regardless of our emotions/outer situations. Thank you! Kinuko

  3. Dear Kinuko,
    This is such an amazing post. You know Psalm 102 is exactly what I need to hear now. I am at the point where at seems like God has been withdrawing good things from me. I am in the night of my life right now.
    Thank you

  4. Dearest Irina,

    O I read your message with so much compassion! Is there anything I and Sanae can do for you right now? When you are glad we are glad. When you are downhearted, we are also. Sanae is thinking of you every day and she often tells me about you affectionately. Now I am praying to Him to give us idea how we can make you happy:)

    from Kinuko who likes to take you to a beautiful park and eat lunch together on the green grass.

    1. I am so blessed to have you as sisters in Christ. Prayers I covet a lot, because that's what will help me. I have such hard time concentrating on my writing now.
      In Christ,

  5. Dear Irina, yes, Sanae and I will continue to pray for you and support you. If you find it difficult to write something at this moment, you can pause for a while until you will receive fresh power from Him. Let us keep in touch! Kinuko