Sunday, October 4, 2015

Lord, I am a blind sheep--my poem and prayer


Lord, I am a blind sheep.
A dull sheep who runs about thoughtlessly.
Even truth-seeking heart would lose its power in front of this dullness.
The tragedy is that, though I know well that there are various wolves with sheep clothes,
walking about, seeking whom they may deceive,
I cannot hear Thy voice very well!
One day, am I going to be eaten by one of them?
Since I am blind and cannot hear very well,
would You do me a special favor?
Even after calling me by name and leading me out to the pasture,
Lord, would you continue to carry me through to the final destination?
Because of Thy servant's dullness and weakness,
please grant me Thy special mercy.
written by Kinuko
Matthew24:4,24; 1Peter 5:8; Matthew 7:15; John 10:3; Isaiah 40:11