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Sunday, October 11, 2015

One affectionate note and prayers for my sisters

Dear sisters, I'll be away for a while and be back next month. Before leaving, however, I'd like to express my most tender affection to you, my sisters. That's because you've already become very important part of my life and I love you so much. Jessica, Kegan, Sanae, Irina, Ruthie, Maribeth, Caroline, Regina, Deborah, Sarina, Lydia, Tessa and other dear ladies in all over the world.

I am so grateful that He has guided me to pass through the narrow gate of headcovering, because it is through this gate that I've found you! With each one of you, I've had sweet memories. Thank you for hearing my confessions of sins and giving me so many loving words. In you, I've seen serenity, inner beauty, firmness in faith, femininity, softness, truth-seeking spirit, humbleness, purity, chastity and ,,,cuteness!

I am praying to our Lord to show us His particular wish for our community. A stream of liberalism has already poured into the mainline evangelical bodies. O Lord, protect all of us from Satan's deception and wolves. Grant us the spirit of discernment. May our obedience and reverence to the Word of God be the real antithesis and the testimony to the unbelieving world. May His unspeakable beauty and glory be manifested through our transparent life in Christ.
In Jesus' name. Amen.

p.s. I miss you!


  1. Kinuko, thank you so much for the update. I will keep you in my prayers.You are amazing. You are absolutely right, liberalism crept into so many churches.
    Kinuko, because of your encouragement I keep on blogging.

    May the Lord have journey mercy on you,

  2. Dearest Kinuko,

    We all love and adore you so much! For me, I feel such joy and excitement when I get on the internet to "see what Kinuko has to say today"! You are so much of the joy and strength of my life! You will never know 'til eternity takes us just how much you mean to me and what all you have accomplished in my life! May God grant your prayers and uplift your heart! Thanks be to God who can keep us from falling and who is with us always!

    Your little sister,

  3. May God bless your mission trip and fill you with lot of friuts of faith. I think that you are at forefront of christianity missions in EU.

    I pray with you.Last week with you I saw that how widely christian liberalism is spread in the world. Maybe many christians already lost their absolute trust in Bible.But words of God never change.

    Please take care and be happy in our Lord always!