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Saturday, November 14, 2015

A letter of encouragement to dedicated daughters who are in an unsupportive environment


While we were in France for mission trip, we had a privilege to see Caroline (our young, fellow headcovering sister and an official French translator of HCM site) and stayed with her and her family for several days. My husband and I were impressed by her simplicity, inner beauty and genuine faith in Jesus Christ. Another dedicated daughter, Melanie who had read my headcovering/modesty testimony in French, came to see me, while I was there. Oh, what a joyous fellowship we had in a petit, lovely Mediterranean town of France! We wish you were with us there.
Having heard their stories, however, I could not help but lamenting over their unsupportive environment. I saw that many people around them, including so called Christians not only do not understand these daughters' dedication, separation from the world and obedient faith but they actually oppose or criticize them in various ways. And because these dedicated daughters are unexceptionally meek and respectful, they usually do not "voice" their refutation but silently endure all these misunderstandings and insensitive remarks from outside, and thus their inner cries tend to be unnoticed or overlooked. They are like delicate flowers who need most tender care and support but alas, these flowers are often mercilessly trampled down by reckless feet!
So I want to encourage you, our dedicated daughters who are in an unsupportive environment, that the path you are walking is both right and praiseworthy. This is the ancient but timeless path which countless devout Bible women in the past have trodden. Do people around you criticize or look down on you because you are "too much" Kingdom-focused and do not pursue academic/job career like most of the 21st century women do? Do people lament and say you are wasting your intelligence by "just" being at home? Do your relatives "encourage" you to wear nicer, more appealing external apparel in order to be an attractive woman? Do your Christian circle criticizes you and say you are legalistic and pharisaic-minded because of your literal obedience to His word?
Daughters, don't be discouraged! Our Father is rejoicing over you with joy and with singing. Keep going on this narrow path which our Lord has guided you. There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death (Prov. 14:12) but the way which you are walking is life-giving, Calvary road which leads you into the arms of Jesus, our King.


  1. Oh thank you! Caroline gave me the link to your article and I just need encouragement tonight.

    1. Mélanie, je vous remercie beaucoup pour votre message ! Chaque fois que je pense à toi , mon coeur devient chaud . Je suis impressionné de voir votre volonté de connaître Dieu et d'obéir à Sa Volonté . Je continue à prier pour que vous serez comme Thérèse de Lisieux « petite voie »!

  2. Dear Kinuko, thank you so mu for the letter. It brought me pretty much to tears. I have friends at church, but we are fairly distant. We spent time together in groups. I think our church has "clicks" and I am not part of any click. Most of my friends at church would not start speaking to me first. They talk to me when I initiate conversation.
    I think many consider me a strange one. Few people told me that I donated too much money towards a Christian humanitarian project i South Asia.
    I can be emphatic towards Caroline in this regard.

    In Christ,

    1. Dear Irina,
      Thank you for your honesty. I've been pondering about your sharing today and I have prayed to Him to give me appropriate words to you. Actually, I could relate to many of your sayings, such as "I think our church has clicks and I am not part of any click", "many consider me a strange one." Many Christians in the developed countries seem to suffer from isolation and loneliness even inside the church. I admire your attitude to initiate conversations, which I should learn from you.Let us expect that, if the Lord willing, He will give us opportunity to meet each other!! I'd love to see you indeed. In Christ, Kinuko

      Псалтирь 116 Russian Synodal Version (RUSV)

      116 (114-1) Я радуюсь, что Господь услышал голос мой, моление мое;
      2 (114-2) приклонил ко мне ухо Свое, и потому буду призывать Его во [все] дни мои.
      3 (114-3) Объяли меня болезни смертные, муки адские постигли меня; я встретил тесноту и скорбь.
      4 (114-4) Тогда призвал я имя Господне: Господи! избавь душу мою.
      5 (114-5) Милостив Господь и праведен, и милосерд Бог наш.
      6 (114-6) Хранит Господь простодушных: я изнемог, и Он помог мне.
      7 (114-7) Возвратись, душа моя, в покой твой, ибо Господь облагодетельствовал тебя.
      8 (114-8) Ты избавил душу мою от смерти, очи мои от слез и ноги мои от преткновения.

    2. Irina,I think that shallow relationship without sincerity in church can damage not only persons but their faith.

      In churches, many believers keep silent in isoletion,as Kinuko said. Sincere bonding in God's love maybe more essential than bible study class.So I think that we have to chech out how we are like to others.

      I live in Japan,and you are in Canada.But I hope to be a sincere friend of yours. Last sunday I told my church people about testimony between you and me.Beyond borders,God is working through you.
      I know that you are daughter of God.He chose you from the beginning.

      Please wait my letter to reach you!


  3. Sometimes I feel that maybe I became(am becoming)'a boring person' for many people after I had faith in Jesus. I had lost interest in many things.Watching entertainment films,dramas,reading fictions for fun,listening to rock/pop music. I sometimes do these things but nowadays mostly just to check out what my son (and other people)likes.

    Many cosmetics,late fashin,latest gadjet..I do'nt feel that it's essential in our life.
    I know this kind of way of thinking is also minority in Japan.

    But surely I say,I became happier than before. Last year I knew Kinuko,and now I know that many ladies who hope to stay in God's word truly all over the world by name.We live in different countries but can stay in same faith.

    May God answer the prayer for dedicaded His daughters.


    1. Dear Sanae,
      "But surely I say,I became happier than before." Oh, thank you. You expressed what I also have felt so well. Simple and plain life gives us peace and joy. I am so happy that I have sisters like you who share the same Christian values. Kinuko

  4. This blessed me this morning as the French church has been on my heart after hearing about the terrorist attacks in Paris. We are praying for our French brothers and sisters..

    1. Thank you, Maribeth! This morning, I received an email from a wife of pastor who lives in Paris. I am going to deliver your loving message and prayer to her. I am sure she (and her church members) will be greatly encouraged. Kinuko

    2. Oh Kinuko! Is there something which we should be specifically praying for the French believers? Is there a name for this church or lady? I don't have to know, God does, but I do like to be specific.

  5. Dear Maribeth,
    Thank you so much for asking me the specific prayer requests. Please pray;

    -for Caroline and her family that our Lord constantly gives them encouragement.
    -for the widow and her young children, whose husband (a pastor of Mission Timothee in east part of France) was killed by the recent TGV train accident. They do need comfort and encouragement.
    -for the city of Niort. In this city, there are 5 protestant churches but they are all liberal. I have seen spiritual darkness in this city. Please pray that God will send His faithful servants to this city and plant His church.
    -for the church in Cergy, Paris, where I am contacting with the wife of the pastor. They are trying their best to be faithful to Bible words, though it is a lonely path in France.

    Thank you, Maribeth for your prayer!
    with much love and thanks, Kinuko

  6. Dear Kinuko,
    I've been reading your latest articles, and some of the comments, and I feel that I've missed out on so much, lately! What wonderful articles and poems you have published recently! If I had more time, I would love to comment on each and every one, but for now, I will just write you this quick note.
    Thank you for your dedication to living a life in the footsteps of Jesus. Thank you for doing your best to encourage us in the same. Thank you for your prayers, and for your caring heart. I sympathize with Caroline and Melanie, and with all of us who are in an unsupportive environment. It's hard to not be understood by others. It's hard when our good is looked upon as bad. It's hard to want so much to obey God, and not receive support from even our brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you for giving words to our feelings, Kinuko.
    I cherish you as my friend. I believe that God brought you into my life during a season when He knew I would need your support the most. Thank you for being supportive of me, and of all of us!

  7. Dear Jessica,
    Your kind words literally brought me tears. Thank you,,,,thank you. Yesterday, I was writing about your dedication regarding the home-education. Jessica, if I had children, I would follow your way (meaning home-schooling), too. Regarding the true benefit and virtue of the nature of home-education, I confess that nobody has ever influenced me as you have done.

    Now I want to quote from the book where Bro.Finny Kuruvilla (who is practicing home-schooling with his wife) writes about the importance of Christian home-education. I hope you will be encouraged by reading it!

    "A biblical education is grounded in the fear of Lord (Prov.9:10). The parents, especially the father, are charged with the duty of educating their child (Eph.6:4). This naturally implies some form of home-schooling. Unusual circumstances might dictate the child being at some form of Christian school, but this should be the exception. Homeschooling implies that both spouses cannot work outside the home. While some may say they need the additional income from two parents working, the Lord will prove faithful to those willing to trust Him. Many homeschooling parents have testified that while sacrifice was required, the Lord always met their needs. Families will likely have to make material sacrifices, but what is gained far surpasses earthly riches or comforts.

    (King Jesus Claims His Church, Chap 38, "Education and Occupations",p.337)

  8. Yes, thank you for citing from Bro. Kuruvilla's book. I have never read it myself, but I found the section you quoted VERY encouraging--thank you!