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Thursday, November 26, 2015

An Interview with Brother K, a devout Christian brother from Iran

O Thy being is heavenly. O Thy presence is full of rejoice.
O Thou art the glorious light of hope.
O Thou art the Sun for the coldness of each dark heart.
-Modern Persian Christian poem
Brother K is an Iranian Christian and he is serving in an evangelical church. If you are like me, the word "Iran" or "Iranian" often reminds us of various kinds of terrifying things which we daily watch or hear from the news.

"Can there any good thing come out of Nazareth?" (John 1:46 a). My earthly and fleshly bias often murmurs as Nathanael said to Philip. Can there any good thing come out of the people from "axis of evil", for example? Is He powerful enough to transform the hearts of the people, including the folks from so-called "evil nations"? Yes, He is! "For there is no partiality with God" (Romans 1:11). And as Peter confessed, "In truth I perceive that God shows no partiality. But in every nation whoever fears Him and works righteousness is accepted by Him"(Acts 10:34-35).

Brother K is a living example of His transformational power. As far as I know, Bro. K is one of the most loving and tender-hearted believers whom I've ever seen. When we observe the New Testament churches, we are impressed by how Roman Christians and Jewish Christians love each other in Christ, in spite of the fact that there was a political tension between the Roman Empire and the Jews in Jerusalem at that time.

Brother K started the Christian poem and prayer site called Nedaye Doost ندای دوست  this year. Here is an interview which we engaged with him some days ago.

-Hello, brother K. Could you please tell us the meaning of Nedaye Doost (=The Voice of Friend)?

K: This name was given by the Lord in my intense prayers. Here "Friend" means Christ. To me, Christ Jesus is not only my Shepherd but also my dearest and most faithful friend. The "voice" is based on the verse from the Book of Isaiah, too (Isa 40:3). I have an earnest desire to listen to His voice in His deep presence.

-What made you decide to start this ministry on the internet sphere?

K: Having observed the today's Christian channels and broadcasts, I realized that in many places, there are so much artificiality and human-elements that it is difficult to see Christ's glory alone. For this reason, I decided to testify Christ by simply recording the recitation of poems and prayers without showy display nor elaborate modern techniques. When I started this channel, I said to myself. "It is not important at all whether there will be hundreds of audiences or only one audience, for in the eyes of God, the value of one soul is of immeasurable worth and He loves each soul dearly."

-What is your passion on this earth?

K: The love of Christ has captured me. Now my heart is wholly occupied with Christ's Kingdom. I pray and dream that the hearts of many men and women will be kindled with the fire of the Holy Spirit so that they will stand up for the expansion of His Kingdom and for His glory. The glory of God is overshadowed in many churches today and thus, it is difficult to see His shining glory there. When its cover is removed, however, there shall be a great manifestation of the Holy Spirit.

-Do you have any prayer requests? I am sure that our sisters will intercede for you.

 K: Please pray that I may continue to proceed the path which the Lord has called me without fear. The flow of His Spirit is free but we tend to restrict its free move because of our fleshly interference or weaknesses. However, if the Spirit is released without these restrictions, He can speed up its way and make great strides forward. Thank you so much for your prayers.



  1. Iran,Kurdistan,Afganistan,China(Tibet,Uighur),North Korea..We are apt to think that we can hardly find Jesus-believing people there. But I heard that nowadays there are christians also in these areas. It seems so amazing.

    We watch news on TV,read newspapers, and often have prejudice unconsciously.But God loves people of every nation.

    I know that there are christians (especially of developed countries) who convert to Islam,dissapointed to church.

    But on the other hand,many people in Middle East are getting to know Jesus nowadays.This is one of most unknown going issue in the world. I hope that many believers know this fact,be encouraged.

    May God bless brother K and keep him always in His hand.Thank you for uproading these articles.



  2. Dearest Sanae,
    Thanks to your wise counsel and encouragement that I decided to publish this article in English. We praise God for what He is doing in the midst of all these turmoils and chaos. Lord, help us to continue to be Your faithful witnesses. Let us to never deny You. Give us power to testify to the world that Jesus is the Lord and Savior. Kindle our hearts with Your fire. In Jesus' name. Amen.

  3. Dear Kinuko,
    what an amazing interview. I have been fascinated with Iran and Iranian people so much so that I hope to visit Iran someday.

  4. Dear Irina,
    Good morning, thank you so much for your comment. Iranians are very hospitable and they will serve you various kinds of delicious food such as Ghormeh Sabzi, Gheimeh, Sabzi Polo, Tahdig, Ash-Reshteh and so on,,,If the Lord willing, we shall meet each other in person, and then I will make delicious Persian dishes for you!!