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Friday, November 13, 2015

Lord, show me Thy dining room in heaven! : on being a missionary in the distant land


One night I left my Lord’s barrack,
And saw a cozy dining room under the warm candle light
Legitimate joy
and happiness I saw.
The things which the travelling birds
are not allowed to taste nor know.
Lord, show me Thy dining room in heaven.
And allow my soul and body to rest in that House above.
So His migratory birds,
Let us go back to our barracks,
singing and praising.
Let us return to our barracks without ever looking back!
Written by Kinuko, October 2015


  1. Welcome back,Kinuko! May God bless you and all missionaries away from homeland for His mission. Including you I've met some of them in my life.Some of my English teachers were missionaries from USA and UK. I've attended gospel music class several times (before I had baby )at Anglican church in Osaka,the pastor was Korean.One of my friend's sibling is also working abroad for years as missionary.

    How precious they are in His eyes.And you also are.To my eyes,you are like messenger bringing letters from God to us.May He answer your prayer in this poem,encourage you to keep on going for your mission He hath given to you.


  2. Dear Sanae, I've received such a comfort from your message this morning. I read many missionary biographies and realized that almost always, there have been devout believers at home who have been interceding, encouraging and supporting missionaries abroad. I see that Christian mission is an cooperate work by various believers who are strongly united by love of Christ and the passion for lost souls. I am so grateful that He has brought you in my life. Now that you are a very important part of my life. Kinuko

  3. Dear Kinuko, I, too, am so happy to see that you've returned! Your encouragement touches so many of us. We had a missionary conference with a sister assembly last weekend, which we have yearly. It's always so wonderful to hear and see how the Lord is at work. One man came from Rwanda to see how the Brethren assemblies operate over in the states. To be honest, it sounded as if revival had occurred at his church. They have 500 people on a Sunday morning! We have 60 on a good Sunday, so maybe we need to be taking notes on how they are operating. :-)
    Another missionary had retired from going oversees, but was still hard at work ministering to the Muslims in his area. He encouraged us to learn how to reach the Muslims because God was bringing the mission field to us.
    I'm very thankful Kinuko, for the calling that God placed in your and your husband's hearts to be missionaries.
    Glad you came home safely and that you had a blessed time in France.
    In Christ, Ruthie
    p.s. I did another parallel on Deborah's blog in the same comment section that I did the first. The more I thought about the Japanese translation of the word 'covering angel' to 'protecting angel', the more I can see how the coverings in the Bible had different meanings. Very interesting!

  4. Dear Ruthie,
    Oh, so glad to hear from you!! How is Brian?I hope he is fine. Yes, Ruthie, I also see that now is the harvest time for souls in the Middle East.I've witnessed so many hungry souls who are seeking Truth. Now I am encouraging young Christians to learn Middle East languages dilligently.
    Please send my best regards to Brian. In Christ, Kinuko
    p.s. I will read your comment on Deborah's blog. Thank yiou, Ruthie.

    1. Brian is doing fine and thankyou for asking. He still has his up and down days, but alot of that might be attributed to his diabetes. He had a bout with low blood sugar the other day that leaves him pretty drained. If we can keep that sugar level stable, it's so much better for him.
      He spoke today at church on "worry". He had some excellent points that he drew out of Matt. 6 and Phil.4 along with a few verses from the Psalms. We don't have a paid minister. We have men who will teach under the supervision of the eldership. This gives Brian the opportunity to study God's Word and share what the Holy Spirit has laid on his heart. I got a bit sidetracked there, but suffice it to say, Brian is doing well:-). He relays this message, 'Thankyou, Kinuko, for thinking of me. Ruthie often will share your poems and blog posts with me, that she has been blessed by. We really appreciate you. Give our kind regards to your husband as well.'
      Much love, Ruthie

    2. Dear Brian and Ruthie,
      Good morning! "They are new every morning. Great is thy faithfulness. Lamentations 3:23)". Thank you so much for your loving words. I feel so honored to have you as my dear brother and sister in Christ.

      Let me share with you my childhood memory. Since I was from a small town, I'd not seen Americans until one day, my Mom and I took on the bus and went to a bigger city and saw a African American woman in the same bus. Though I knew English very little at that time (I was 12 years old), I collected all my courage and spoke to this woman;

      "Hello. How are you? I am fine." And then I happened to remember one more phrase, so I added; "Do you like tempura?"

      She smiled warmly and answered something which I did not understand at all (hahah,,,) but she gave me one piece of American chewing gum. I still remember its color and its fragrance. I carefully put this gum in my pocket and kept it like a treasure.

      Now Christ gave me real treasure; a real Body of Christ. I'd never imagined that one day, I'd communicate with Americans freely. Not only that, now that you have become my SISTER and FAMILY in Christ!! It is too wonderful to speak in words.I just praise Him and thank Him for his sacrifice on the Cross.

      from Kinuko