Monday, November 30, 2015

One Powerful Proof Regarding The Validity Of The Christian Headcovering Doctrine


Ladies, imagine that you are going to be dispatched to a certain country where most of them are not Christians and most of the Christians there do not have any idea about the headcovering doctrine (1 Corinthians 11). Now your boss (Jesus) told you to go there and convince them that the headcovering command is applicable for today. What would you do? Well, if you are like me, you might want to write your own covering testimony and translate it into their language. Then, you might also start translating the HCM articles and testimonies.

Well, I have done all of these things until today...yes, I am talking about my own situations. I am talking about my continuous effort for Japanese Christians. I have published several open letters of plea to Japanese pastors, pleading them to reconsider this issue and respond to me. Sister Sanae and I have submitted prayer requests to our HCM prayer team regarding these issues. Regardless of all these efforts and prayers, however, we have received almost no response from Japan, which often makes me feel discouraged. Then I realized how much I have been contaminated by the philosophy of pragmatism. I want immediate, quick and visible results! Faith, however, requires patience, for it is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen (Heb.11:1).

Not in vain, the tedious toil,
On an unresponsive soil,
Travail, tears in secret shed,
Over hopes that lay as dead.
All in vain, thy faint heart cries.
Not in vain, thy Lord replies:
Nothing is too good to be;
Then believe, believe to see.
Did thy labor turn to dust?
Suff’ring – did it eat like rust
Till the blade that once was keen,
As a blunted tool is seen?
Dust and rust thy life’s reward?
Slay the thought; believe thy Lord!
When thy soul is in distress,
Think upon His faithfulness.
 -Amy Carmichael

Thanks to our team's intercessory prayers, the Lord lifted up my spirit and He granted me both fresh vigor and willingness to continue the mission which my Commander Jesus assigned me.

This morning, I wrote to Japanese believers, asking them to look at the life and faith of our headcovering sisters carefully. (for I have translated and published many of your covering testimonies in Japanese.) I asked them, how we can know and discern that one teaching is true or false; well, Jesus says, by checking the fruits. If the headcovering teaching is truly a biblical doctrine, then those who practice it will start to bear the fruits of the Spirit (Gal 5:22-23).
I encouraged them to read your covering testimonies carefully, for regardless of our diversities, one can clearly see the common points in them; such as inner/outer modesty, humble and reverent attitude toward the Words of God, obedience to our father/husband and so forth. And these points are universal and trans-cultural. That's because the work of the Holy Spirit is universal and trans-cultural.

So what is the powerful proof regarding the validity of the Headcovering doctrine? ; Well, you are the most powerful proof, my dear sisters! By looking at your dedicated lives in Christ, the Spirit shall convict us (them) that this teaching is indeed biblical. Now my dear sisters, let us continue to testify to the world with our united spirit and faith. Let us also pray that He will rise up our future-fellow-headcovering sisters from countries like Russia, Ukraine, Thailand, Philippines, Hungary, Spain, Brazil, China, Taiwan, France, El Salvador, India, Germany, Singapore, Ethiopia and so on.
The time shall come when the recovery of the headcovering doctrine will be known as an universal and global phenomenon just like the universal recovery of the believers' baptism around the world today.