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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tears of Kurds, Tears of the Lord



Kurdish folk, wandering folk.

Disconsolate folks who don't have earthly home.

Kurdish folk, indignant folk.
Folks that have long been rejected.

Trodden, crushed,
and you revolt against them.

You sing and fight.
fight and sing.

O sons of Kurd
My rejected sons

My heart weeps, when thinking of you.

Poor sons,
You are shouting, for not knowing His love
You are shouting, for seeking His love.

Sons, come here.
We won't attack you.

Come here, dear.
You can release your weapons,
for here is a safe place.

My beloved sons,

Come here,
Come near to us

Now the dinner table is ready for you.

We will welcome you with open arms.

Tears of Kurd,
 Tears of the Lord.

Healing of Kurd,
 Joys of the Lord.


  1. I have heard of that there are Kurdish christians,(Kurdish Armenian singer Zara well known in Russia is an orthodox christian),but by reading your Japanese blog, I knew for the first time that nowadays many Kurdish people met Jesus.

    God's love for people has no exception.

    Recently I knew about there are Kurdish people living in Japan.Most of them live in Saitama,I heard.

    May God's will be done to Kurdish people for His glory.


  2. Dear Sanae, good morning! Thank you for your encouraging and uplifting comment. Here is a link which I placed on my Japanese blog. Our readers will be suprised and encouraged to see His amazing work among Kurdish people.

    One morning, as I was interceding for Kurdish people, God warmed my heart and gave me words to express His love to them. This is how this poem was born. May God heal them and give them His peace through Jesus Christ. Amen.

  3. Beautiful, Kinuko. Beautiful...:')

  4. Dearest Kay chan, thank you so much for your kind words. I am so grateful that we share the same faith and passion. We share the same passion for the nations.
    "Be thou exalted, O God, above the heavens: let thy glory be above all the earth."
    Psalm 57:11