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Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Raindrops; a Persian Christian poem


*This beautiful poem was written by brother K in Persian.
At times the sound of the raindrops from heaven
wakes me up in the middle of the night,
knocking on the window glass in my room.
The drops damp the room of my gloomy heart,
calling me,
awakening me
from the depths of the dark night
 and make me understand my remote, distant days.
There has always been the One who has cared for you,
even in those dark, lonely nights.
And this voice brought me peace.
The rhythm of the sound of drops,
with its music-beauty,
revives the sense of the beauty of life
and those joyous days which have long been forgotten.
Isn't it amazing that this simple sound,
recalled my inner reminiscence?
Or is it because of this simplicity,
had I receive peace?
Yes, a plain tune
without craftiness,
without hypocrisy,
and of heavenly origin.
A tune which comes from above,
which gives you the most tender, comfort songs of life.
My dusty nasty heart,
being washed by the flowing drops,
now was transformed into a clean, transparent one
like the window glass.
Now then what shall I do?
What shall I do?
Just listen, listen to the voice of Him.
The peace of the Spirit, in which has eternity,
and the Life is waving in it..
Listen to His Voice in the flows of the drops.
The Lord knows your sufferings
and the Lord with His compassion weeps over your sadness.
The Lord heals and cleanses your wounds
with ointment of His tears.
Like the songs of the birds after the rain,
His loving Voice filled my heart with matchless joy.
My child,
In your dark nights,
in your pains, sufferings and worries,
I am with you.
And I shall give peace to the core of your being and
I shall make you a cleansed window glass.
Then with these transparent eyes, you shall see the outside beautifully.
Freely and lightly.
Just bear in mind, my child, that
every time you hear the sound of drops on the window glass,
remember that there is Thy Father in heaven, who loves you.
..Thy Father who loves you.
قطره های باران
translated by Kinuko


  1. As soon as I saw this article, I was reminded of a poem I wrote some time ago called "Rain, Rain". It views a different aspect of what I think of when I hear/see raindrops:

    "Rain, rain,
    Speak of tears
    Cried by God and man.
    Remind us true
    What we do
    And yet still what we can.
    Teach us of
    Wounds and scarrs
    Of Christians working true,
    And show us still
    The tears of God
    Watching our works, too.
    For we seek comfort,
    Division, strife,
    And things that are for us.
    Rain, O, rain
    Make us look
    At what we make a fuss!
    Try me true,
    My God, my Love,
    And make me more like those
    Who risk their lives
    And draw out their souls,
    Like all that Thou hast chose'."

    —Kegan Cook (11-5-14)
    (Last edited 12-10-14)

  2. "Rain, rain/Speak of tears/Cried by God and man./Remind us true/ What we do /And yet still what we can."

    Dear Kegan, I am impressed by your sensible, delicate and passionate heart for Christ and the pains of other human beings. And you are a wonderful poet! Now I am going to quote another wonderful poem of yours, too.

    ~O For Fire~

    A light set upon a hill.
    A light on a distant shore.
    O light that’s burning still,
    Please burn bright forevermore!

    Be not quenched nor forsaken!
    Be not dead nor cold nor still!
    Be not ever shaken!
    But the world with light now fill!

    O for fire deep within us,
    A fire that burns to the core!
    For fire that shakes the dust,
    And yet burns forevermore!

    —Kegan Cook

  3. Dear Kinuko and Kegan, I think that God gave you poet's soul to express His glory.
    I heard that Iranian people loves poetry and flowers so much. How amaging to know God's people from Iran start to express their faith in Jesus in poems. May God bless them and you two,too!


  4. Dear Sanae, thank you for your comment. Yes, you are right, amazing things are happening among Iranian believers in all over the world. Persian Christians had been used by God to spread the Gospel to Central Asia, India, China and South East Asia during the Sassanian period. They were powerful missionaries. I read that during the Shapur the Second (of Sassanian) more than 20, 000 Persian Christians were martyred. Now after thousands of years, the Holy Spirit started to rise up countless believers both inside and outside of Iran. As brother K prayed, let us see Thy glory more and more! Amen.