Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A letter of encouragement for those who spend Christmas alone


Dear friend, I may or may not know you but tonight, the Spirit urged me to write a letter to you. For some reasons, you are spending these Christmas days alone. Or you may have some friends around but your inner loneliness and a sense of detachment are so overwhelming that you feel even worse when you are among people.

Lord, from the depths to Thee I cried:
My voice, Lord, do Thou hear;
Unto my supplication’s voice
Give an attentive ear.

I pray to our Lord that He will come down to your "depths" where your inner sanctum exists and give you a kind of consolation which you've just longed for, -probably for years.

When my world falls apart
And all's crashing in
When I'm overwhelmed
By the depth of my sin
When doubts seem to crowd
And fear closes in
I know where to go
To find renewal within

When all of my hope
Lies shattered and broken
And the comforts of friends
Seem no more than a token
I quickly retreat
To the Word He has spoken
And find contained there
The Christ I have hope in.
-Vicki Baird
Human words are powerless but His Word not.
My dear friend, I invite you to look up the cross, where the Man of Sorrow tasted the most terrifying loneliness and pains for the sake of saving you from the worse kind of loneliness--, the eternal detachment from your Father.

Upon that cross of Jesus
mine eye at times can see
the very dying form of One
who suffered there for me;
and from my stricken heart with tears
two wonders I confess:
the wonders of redeeming love
and my unworthiness.

I take, O cross, thy shadow
for my abiding place;
I ask no other sunshine than
the sunshine of his face;
content to let the world go by,
to know no gain nor loss,
my sinful self my only shame,
my glory all the cross.

My friend, I sincerely wish you a blessed new year. 
from your fellow sister,