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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Meditating on the glory and beauty of Christ: Psalm 50:1-6

This morning, I received a loving message from our dear sister Ruthie;

We talked about glory this past Sunday in our worship service in how the Father glorified the Son in 2 Peter 1:17-18. This was Jesus' positional glory as God's Son. Then we looked at 1 Peter 1:21 where God gave Jesus glory through the resurrection. This was Jesus' redemptive glory. Hebrews 1:3 & 2:9 show us Jesus' radiant and exalted glory. Lastly, one brother took us to Psalms 50:15, and what he drew our attention to in that verse is how when we call upon God, He will deliver us, and we will glorify Him. I'm just amazed at the different facets of the word glory! I had never thought of it in this way before.

While meditating on the above verses, I was captivated by the glory and beauty of our Lord Jesus Christ, which are shining on and through every single Bible page like twinkling stars. Aren't our hearts enraptured by meditating on Psalm 50:1-6, for example? Here is a beautiful Psalmody of these verses.

Psalm 50:2
excerpts from Gill's Exposition of the Entire Bible
"the perfection of the beauty of God hath shined out of Zion" ; that is, Christ; he is the perfection of beauty; he is fairer than the children of men; he is more glorious than the angels in heaven: as Mediator, he is full of grace and truth, which makes him very lovely and amiable to his people:

he is the express image of his Father's person; and the glory of all the divine perfections is conspicuous in his work of salvation, as well as in himself: now as he was to come out of Zion, Psalm14:7;

that is, not from the fort of Zion, or city of Jerusalem; for he was to be born at Bethlehem; only he was to be of the Jews, and spring from them; so he shone out, or his appearance and manifestation in Israel was like the rising sun; see Malachi 4:2;

and the love and kindness of God in the mission and gift of him appeared and shone out in like manner, Titus 3:4; or else the Gospel may be meant, which has a beauty in it: it is a glorious Gospel, and holds forth the beauty and glory of Christ.

All truth is lovely and amiable, especially evangelical truth: it has a divine beauty on it; it comes from God, and bears his impress; yea, it is a perfection of beauty: it contains a perfect plan of truth, and is able to make the man of God perfect; and this was to come out of Zion, Isaiah 2:3; and which great light first arose in Judea, and from thence shone out in the Gentile world, like the sun in all its lustre and glory, Titus 2:11;


  1. This chant remains me of orthodox chant or Gregorian chant.
    Beautiful singing psalm. It is amazing that more that thouzands years,believers kept singing psalmody to express their faith.Even nowadays,new psalmodies are born.Praise God who give us believres inspiration to show His glory.


  2. Dearest Sanae, do you know what I am thinking? I am thinking if one day, He will inspire you to compose Psalmody and sing it in Japanese!He has granted you a special musical talent and beautiful voice. More importantly, your love and faith to Jesus is so pure and genuine. Please pray about it, if it is possible. Thank you! from Kinuko

    1. Dear Kinuko,I was surprised to read your reply! I don't think that I can compose melodies,but I like singing hymns.I think I can find Japanese psalmodies
      in my praise songbooks I have.

      Thank you for introducing Japanese psalmody 67 in this blog before.At wedding party of my church member,I sang the song with my friend.I sang alto.

      I loved music since my childhood.But I feel that how I am blessed now to be given faith to sing to God.Anyway thank you for encouragement!

      PS I read my former comment now again and noticed some misspelling.Sorry for that.


    2. Thank you, Sanae! I realized that many Psalmody are sung with familiar melodies which we already know. So, even if we cannot compose new melodies, we can still create Japanese Psalmody by using some familiar melodies. What do you think?
      from Kinuko

    3. Yes,many missionaries did it in the history.When they go to other country to spread gospel,they often used folk melody wellknown there to sing praise song.They taught to sing bible words,gospel message in those melodies.So that everyone can sing so easily. I heard that it's one of the reason why many folk songs(including western ones) have plural lylics,and one of them is often hymn.

      Do you know that Japanese trad song 'furusato'ふるさと has similar melody with old hymn? The Japanese composer 岡野貞一(Teiichi Okano) was an organist of a church and christian.

      I've read on your Japanese blog that you created the simple melody sang in Persian.How nice that new song to praise Him arised.

      If you have any idea,please let me know.


    4. Dear Sanae, a Happy New Year!
      Thank you for your insight. I did not know about the song "furusato"! This is my sincere pray that there will be many new heavenly songs and Psalmody born out of the God-fearing and God-loving worshippers in all over the world this year. In Jesus' name. Amen.

  3. Thankyou so much, Kinuko, for these resources to further study out the glory of God. I'm looking forward to digging into those passages :-) The Psalmody is really beautiful as well! It could be a very good tool to memorize verses as well as blessing those listening. Very nicely done!

  4. Yes, you are right, my dear Ruthie. Please do share with me whenever you find some discoveries. Also, if you keep Bible journaling,please tell me some tips. I want to learn from you. Thank you! Kinuko

  5. Dear Kinuko, Happy New Year!
    I'm willing to help in any way I can, but I'm embarrassed to say that I don't keep a journal. I do take notes on what each of the men speak on at church in a spiral bound book. I reflect later on the things that were spoken on, and Brian and I will sometime discuss the messages together. I'm weak in personal Bible study, so that's why I'm very thankful that you've posted a schedule for reading through the Bible in a year. I really liked the thoughts that Mr. Chayene gave regarding the positives and negatives of a schedule. Prayerfully, I will not fall into the dangers he's described, but I do desire to try and read through the Bible in a year.
    Many of God's richest blessings to you for 2016 :-)

  6. A Happy New Year, dear Ruthie! I am delighted to hear that the post regarding the Bible reading calender was useful to you.Praise God!This year, I'd love to start keeping a journal.Ruthie, let's pray for our sister Jessica who is expecting her baby very soon. Please send my best regards to Brian.with love, Kinuko