Monday, December 7, 2015

Rediscovery of the depth and beauty of Psalmody (Part 1)


As many of our readers know, I love classical English hymnals such as hymns of Isaac Watts, Frances Ridley Havergal and so forth. The lyrics of these hymns are deeply spiritual and didactic in terms of sound Bible doctrines.

For the past several months, however, I have been fascinated by the spiritual treasure of the Psalmody as well. Literally, I have been immersed in its power, majesty and beauty. You cannot imagine how the act of singing the Word of God impacts your soul.

But how did I discover this first of all? Did anybody introduce me or lend me some introductory books regarding Psalmody? No. It was an answer from Him to a soul who has been searching the anchor in my spiritual life. My soul has cried out for security, for I had felt like I was a dull, blind sheep amongst the ferocious wolves and its false teachings.

 Lord, I am a blind sheep.
A dull sheep who runs about thoughtlessly.
Even truth-seeking heart would lose its power in front of this dullness.
The tragedy is that, though I know well that there are various wolves with sheep clothes, walking about, seeking whom they may deceive,
I cannot hear Thy voice very well!
One day, am I going to be eaten by one of them?
Since I am blind and cannot hear very well, would You do me a special favor?
Even after calling me by name and leading me out to the pasture,
Lord, would you continue to carry me through to the final destination?
Because of Thy servant's dullness and weakness,
please grant me Thy special mercy.

Because of the encounter of the overwhelming amount of falseness in modern Bible translations, lyrics/philosophy of the Contemporary Christian Music etc, I was tempted by the skepticism and uncertainty. (*Incidentally, Emergent church movement tends to glorify doubts and uncertainties, which is the hallmark of postmodernism. We as believers, however, are encouraged to go to Him with confidence because"..we have a great high priest, that is passed into the heavens, Jesus the Son of God"."Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need" Heb.4:16, ESV).

I cried out for the solid rock which I can read or listen with complete trust. In the process of this searching, He gently took my hand and led me beside the still waters of Psalmody. "He restoreth my soul" (Psalm 23:3a).
In my next post, I'd like to introduce some of my favorite Psalmody to you.