Sunday, October 11, 2015

One affectionate note and prayers for my sisters

Dear sisters, I'll be away for a while and be back next month. Before leaving, however, I'd like to express my most tender affection to you, my sisters. That's because you've already become very important part of my life and I love you so much. Jessica, Kegan, Sanae, Irina, Ruthie, Maribeth, Caroline, Regina, Deborah, Sarina, Lydia, Tessa and other dear ladies in all over the world.

I am so grateful that He has guided me to pass through the narrow gate of headcovering, because it is through this gate that I've found you! With each one of you, I've had sweet memories. Thank you for hearing my confessions of sins and giving me so many loving words. In you, I've seen serenity, inner beauty, firmness in faith, femininity, softness, truth-seeking spirit, humbleness, purity, chastity and ,,,cuteness!

I am praying to our Lord to show us His particular wish for our community. A stream of liberalism has already poured into the mainline evangelical bodies. O Lord, protect all of us from Satan's deception and wolves. Grant us the spirit of discernment. May our obedience and reverence to the Word of God be the real antithesis and the testimony to the unbelieving world. May His unspeakable beauty and glory be manifested through our transparent life in Christ.
In Jesus' name. Amen.

p.s. I miss you!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

I found my soulmates under the Cross : my poem and testimony


One day, a little maiden cried out in the postmodern barrens;
"Dear friends, let us not forget that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life:
 no man cometh unto the Father, but by Him."
No sooner had she finished her words than she heard the angry clamor of her fellows,
shouting; O this is an hard saying; who can hear it?
"Away with the intolerance!
Away with the religious fanatic!" they roared at her.
So she left her fellows and
climbed up the steep path, weeping and lamenting.
On top of the hill, she saw the rugged, old wooden sign called the naked truth,
the bloodstained truth of Calvary.
Then she heard the Lord's voice; "My daughter, look at the foot of the Cross.
These are my true disciples."
There she saw a band of believers whose eyes were constantly upon the Crucified One.
The Lord spoke to her again;
"My daughter, stay with them under the Cross,
for this is your shelter and your true ecclesia."
 Matt 7:13,14, John 14:6, 6:60, Heb12:2, Heb13:12,13, Mark10:30

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Lord, I am a blind sheep--my poem and prayer


Lord, I am a blind sheep.
A dull sheep who runs about thoughtlessly.
Even truth-seeking heart would lose its power in front of this dullness.
The tragedy is that, though I know well that there are various wolves with sheep clothes,
walking about, seeking whom they may deceive,
I cannot hear Thy voice very well!
One day, am I going to be eaten by one of them?
Since I am blind and cannot hear very well,
would You do me a special favor?
Even after calling me by name and leading me out to the pasture,
Lord, would you continue to carry me through to the final destination?
Because of Thy servant's dullness and weakness,
please grant me Thy special mercy.
written by Kinuko
Matthew24:4,24; 1Peter 5:8; Matthew 7:15; John 10:3; Isaiah 40:11