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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Far, far in the land of Russia



 Far, far in the land of Russia
The Beatitudes are being sung.

The brilliant, sophisticated systematic theologies
have not reached this tiny winter village.
They've never heard of the word TULIP or any sort of things.

Friends, are they outside of the Kingdom of God?
Are they outside of the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

The Infinite God has been neatly and systematically broken down
into five boxes and dissected by the experts.

"O Lord Jesus, be merciful to me a sinner",
cries a simple peasant in Siberia.

Ah, where is the Kingdom of God?
In whom this Kingdom exists?
written by Kinuko


  1. Plain,simple but beautiful chant sung in Russian.Kingdom of God is between those who have faith in Christ ensured by God,I think.


  2. Dearest Sanae,
    You know how much I have been struggling with various theological issues. Thank you so much for tackling the issues with me. Thanks to His mercy and your loving help, He is healing me and manifests His great attribute; "Love" to me.

    And isn't it amazing that somehow along the way, we've discovered the great richness of Russian/slavic spirituality and faith in Jesus Christ? Oh, I wish I could find Christian poems in Russian and Slavic languages! I believe that there must be many inspiring poems written by pious Christians over the centuries.

    Have a joyful, blessed day, Sanae! from Kinuko

  3. Dear Kinuko,I found site introducing orthodox religious poems translated into English.
    They introduce a lot of spiritual poetries.I have not read all yet,but you may find impressive poems.

    Although orthodox church contains dogmas which we cannnot accept,I think we can learn something important from their spirituality. I hope that you can enjoy the site!


  4. Dear Sanae, how kind you are!! Thank you so much for finding this poetry site for me. I will go to visit right now:) with love and thanks, Kinuko

  5. How beautiful it is. The language is not modern Russian but what we call Church Slavonic, which is similar to Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian, and other Slavic languages. The language is mostly used in Orthodox Church service.

  6. Dear Irina, good morning! Thank you so much for telling me that the song is sung in church slavonic. I've never heard of it before. Irina, this morning, I want to pray for Russian/Slavic speaking friends including your family.

    Lord Jesus, I've read many brave testimonies of our brethren who had endured severe persecutions under Communist regime. And I know that, though they are hidden, there are actually countless seeds of God scattering across these nations. I lift up these precious souls and plead you to revive their souls to the fullness in Christ.Give them strength to live holy in the midst of the materialistic world. O Thy Kingdom come!In Jesus' name. Amen.