Sunday, February 14, 2016

A thank-you letter to all; some encouraging news regarding the Christian headcovering situations in Japan


My dear brothers and sisters in all over the world! Thank you for your sincere care and prayers. Today, I'd like to share some encouraging news with you. As I confessed to you previously,

I have published several open letters of plea to Japanese pastors, pleading them to reconsider this issue and respond to me. Sister Sanae and I have submitted prayer requests to our HCM prayer team regarding these issues. Regardless of all these efforts and prayers, however, we have received almost no response from Japan, which often makes me feel discouraged. November 30, 2015

Dear ladies, do you know what happened last week? When I introduced the newly- translated Headcovering VTR to Japanese readers, one brother wrote to me and said he is very happy that now he can watch the headcovering teaching videos in his own language because he is not good at foreign languages. I was so encouraged to hear the expression that this brother "is very happy."

Then a few days later, I noticed that another Japanese brother wrote two articles on his blog regarding the headcovering doctrine and wrote publicly that he is supporting my position on 1 Cor.11! It was out of the blue and I just could not believe my eyes. It almost brought me tears to see His work among our dear brethren.

Prayer of thanksgiving

Dear Lord, I humbly come to Your presence with our dear sisters. Thank you so much that you have inclined Your ears to our plea and answered our prayers. I thank these two brothers who cared to write to me and defended us. Please bless and protect our brethren who are boldly teaching the Bible truth despite oppositions and slanders. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Dear brothers and sisters, thank you so much again for your intercessory prayers! Now I see in my own eyes that He is actually doing His work among our Japanese brothers, too.