Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Hermit's Cell


"In the world ye shall have tribulation."
Lord Jesus, Thou saidst it of old.
There dark are the desolate mountains,
The night winds are cold.
But safe from the storm and the tempest.
My soul hath a cell;
There ever, beside the still waters,
With Jesus I dwell.
There, hushed from the strife and the sorrow,
Alone and apart.
In chambers of peace and of stillness-
That Home is His Heart.
-Gerhard Tersteegen

(St. Jerome, who lived as a hermit near Bethlehem, depicted in his study being visited by two angels. Despite much loneliness and trials, he translated the Bible into Latin.)

I learned that the word hermit comes from the Latin ĕrēmīta, the latinisation of the Greek ρημίτης (erēmitēs), "of the desert", which in turn comes from ρημος (erēmos), signifying "desert", "uninhabited", "desert-dweller."

In a spiritual sense, aren't we also "hermits"? --united with Christ and separated from the world. Yes, we might face difficulties and loneliness in this unbelieving world but thankfully, we have this special inner cell in our soul!


Simply Jeannie said...

Sometimes I find I am more lonely when among other people.. but I find GOD in the most opportune moments of being Still and all is quiet..

Kinuko H said...

Dear Jeannie, thank you for your thoughtful and honest comment. I am always glad to read your message, Jeannie!And I can relate to what you want to express here. May God continue to bless your life journey, my dear sister. from Kinuko, your fellow pilgrim

Anonymous said...

Dearest Kinuko,
So very glad to see that you have posted a few things again! You were missed :-) For me, I tend to try to do things on my own strength, and that really exhausts me physically and spiritually. I need to recharge and find my "hermit" time. Usually, this is when the family is all in bed, or if I'm awake before everyone else is up. These are my favorite alone times with God.
Love, Ruthie

Kinuko H said...

Oh, Ruthie, my dear! I imagine that you are alone in the room (or in the living room?) at midnight or early in the morning, thinking and pondering the beauty of the Lord.How beautiful!Thank you so much for your encouraging words, dear Ruthie. from happy Kinuko