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Sunday, February 14, 2016

When we are unsure about our future...


I dedicate this poem to my dear sister Ruthie who has been through tough times.

Future wisely concealed
O how wise that God hath hidden
All the future from our view!
O how well that 'tis forbidden
Coming darkness to look through!
If Time's page of hurrying fleetness
Were unveiled to readers here,
Joy itself would lose its sweetness,
Sorrow would become despair.
Now if storms the ocean cover,
Hope declares a calm is near
And when discord's tones are over,
Softened music meets the ear.
If the shadows of affliction
Round us gather as we go,
Soon some heavenly benediction
Wakens peace from slumbering woe.
-John Bowring
- Exodus 3:14a
"My times are in thy hand."
-Psalm 31:15a
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  1. Thankyou so much, Kinuko, for this poem that puts into words what my heart has been feeling. It's a very good reminder to me to not lose sight that God is still the great 'I AM' in our sorrow of loved ones passing. He's in control. I really love this, dearest Kinuko. Thankyou so much for the encouragement! Ruthie

  2. Dearest Ruthie, you're welcome! It is my joy and delight to walk our earthly journey together. We are pilgrims, we sometimes fall, and again fall but with His help and with the help of fellow pilgrims, we are heading for the celestial city. How wonderful! with love, Kinuko

  3. A quick update: the Lord certainly is in control :-) My uncle was at death's door for about a week. His family was called down, funeral arrangements were made, he was put into hospice, and he was ready to go home to be with the Lord. We waited for news of his passing into glory. On Thursday, we received news that his bloodwork had come back much improved, and that He could be moved to a rehab to gain strength! This is so completely amazing to us! God's ways are not our ways. -Ruthie

  4. Dearest Ruthie,
    Christ is risen! Hallelujah! Thank you so much for sharing with us such a wonderful news. I believe that his "resurrection" is not only for the sake of your uncle but also for your deep comfort, a divine comfort from Your bridegroom in heaven! with love, Kinuko

  5. Dear Kinuko, I wanted to share how the Lord worked everything out for His glory in my uncle's life and also ours. My uncle regained strength enough to travel back home from Florida to New York. He was still in hospice, but he seemed stronger. He was able to visit with all his family and friends. His brother had passed away while he was in Florida, so my uncle was able to attend the remembrance service and give the plan of salvation to his unsaved relatives.
    On April 1st, I had made plans with my youngest 3, to bring lunch for him, my aunt and cousin. He was so excited to see us! We played a few board games, visited and laughed together. He seemed so upbeat that when we received a call later that night that he had gone home to be with the Lord, we were in shock! My aunt later said to me that she was so thankful we had come over because my uncle had the best time with us. He had a great day, had wonderful meals and ended up in glory that night. I just marvel at how great God is, and how He works all things out. So, Thankyou for your prayers and encouraging words. Love, Ruthie