Monday, March 14, 2016

Thus, would I blossom even today


I dedicate this little poem for my fellow Christian friends who are serving the Lord Jesus
 sincerely in obscure places.
People say I am of no use,
a meaningless creation.
Is that so?
A tiny little crack of the asphalt is my space.
This only is my place.
Lo, a vast universe and
an eternal stream of time and space!
And all the creations live, move and have
their being in Him.
Far transcending and yet dwelling in me,
O His Spirit!
Lord, isn't it amazing that
there is Thy universe above and within.
 And the stream of His overflowing Spirit
is waving in me.
 Thus, would I blossom even today,
tiny and little I may be.
O that through my living and dying,
will I leave a grain of His message to the world.
written by Kinuko