Thursday, March 10, 2016

Young Christian radicals, stand up in loving confrontation!

While I was typing the following message, the faces of my brethren and sisters came into my mind one after the other. Jeremy, Joel, Jessica, Kegan, Irina, Ruthie, Sanae, Maribeth, Jeannie and many others,,,I respect you all, my dear friends and comrades. You are the real soldiers of Christ in this confusing and dark world.

Excerpts from The Great Evangelical Disaster by Francis.A. Schaeffer

Radicals for Truth

We need a revolutionary message in the midst of today's relativistic thinking. By revolutionary, or radical, I mean standing against the all-pervasive form which the world spirit has taken in our day. This is the real meaning of radical.

God has given his answers in the Bible-the Bible that is true when it speaks of history and of cosmos, as well as when it speaks of religious things. And it therefore gives truth concerning all reality. It thus sustains radical rebellion against the relativism and the syncretism which are the hallmark of our own day-whether that syncretism is expressed in secular or religious terminology, including evangelical terminology.

Loving confrontation

As we have now come to the famed year 1984, what we need in light of the accommodation about us is a generation of radicals for truth and for Christ. We need a young generation and others who will be willing to stand in loving confrontation, but real confrontation, in contrast to the mentality of constant accommodation with the current forms of the world spirit as they surround us today, and in contrast to the way in which so much of evangelicalism has developed the automatic mentality of accommodation at each successive point.

Evangelicalism has done many things for which we can be greatly thankful. But the mentality of accommodation is indeed a disaster. We should note, however, that in holding to the same Bible principles, there could come a time when we will have to lean against an opposite swing of the pendulum.

Two Fronts
In this fallen world, things constantly swing like a pendulum, from being wrong in one extreme way to being wrong in another extreme. The devil never gives us the luxury of fighting on only one front, and this will always be the case.

However, the problem of evangelical accommodation, in the years we have been considering, and especially at this crucial moment in history, is that the evangelical accommodation has constantly been in one direction--that is, to accommodate with whatever is in vogue with the form of the world spirit which is dominant today.

It is this same world spirit which is destroying both church and society. Balance must be considered constantly. But the accommodation we have been speaking of has constantly taken the form of giving in to the humanistic, secular consensus which is the dominant destructive force of our day. And if no change in this comes, our opportunity will be past. Not only will the compromising portion of evangelicalism go down in collapse, all of us will be carried down with it.
Stand up, young Christian radicals!
We cannot think that all of this is unrelated to us. It will all come crashing down unless you and I and each one of us who loves the Lord and his church are willing to act. And so I challenge you, I call for Christian radicals, and especially young Christian radicals, to stand up in loving confrontation, but confrontation--looking to the living Christ moment by moment for strength--in loving confrontation with all that is wrong and destructive in the church, our culture, and the state.

A Radical for Jesus 
composed by brother Joel Horst, 2008
1. I know some people think I’m strange,
 Or that I’m radical.
 And I know others prob’ ly think
 That I’m fanatical.
 But my response is simply this:
My friend, if you are right,
 Then I became a radical
 By walking in the light.”
 Oh, a radical for Jesus
 Is what I want to be,
 By keeping His commandments,
 Obeying faithfully.
 For He said if we love Him,
 We must keep His commands.
 So I will be a radical
 While holding Jesus’ hand.
2. Now, some want to be different
 For difference’s sake.
 They want to go a diff’rent route
 Than what all others take.
 And though I do not think like them,
 I still know that I am
 A radical because I follow radical commands.
 3. Now you may think I’m crazy, or
 That I have gone too far.
 You don’t want to be different,
 You like the way you are.
 But when I come to Judgment Day,
 I’d rather hear Him say,
Well done, My good and faithful one”
Than to be turned away.
Final Chorus:
Oh, a radical for Jesus
 Is what we all should be,
 By keeping His commandments,
 Obeying faithfully.
 For He said if we love Him,
 We must keep His commands.
 So will you be a radical
 While holding Jesus’ hand?
*You can listen to this song here.