Friday, May 27, 2016

Thy Eyes

"The truth shall set you free."
Thus said the Lord.
 But Lord,
Thy truth is dreadful!
 It is a death sentence to all kinds of attachment in me.
And it delivers a fatal blow upon my fleeing flesh.
So, it is better that the truth
would be veiled moderately.
It is better that the Rugged Cross
would be covered reasonably.
So that
we need not face,
nor be hurt,
nor be torn down by it.
But alas, how could we ever run away from Thy eyes?
How could we ever reject them?
They are there
and gazing at me.
Lord Jesus, for me crucified,
Let not my footsteps from Thee slide.
For I would tread where Thou hast trod,
My spirit tender to the glory of God.
That glory which meant all to Thee,
Let it mean all, my Lord, to me.
So would I tread where Thou hast trod,
My spirit tender to the glory of God.
written by Kinuko


Anonymous said...

Thank you for translating this poem into English.I hope this profound poem be read by our dear sisters and brothers who are struggling for seeking truth,living faithful life. May God bless you.


Jessica R said...

Beautiful poem, Kinuko. It reflects the same thing that I have felt at times. The truth that God has revealed to me about myself has sometimes been ugly and painful. But, after that moment of truth, that mirror held before my eyes, there follows a sense of relief, of letting go. I realize that my attachments had not been God's best for me. And then I thank Him for caring so much about the development of my character that He would even take the time to scrape off of me what doesn't belong.

Kinuko H said...

Dear Sanae, thank you for your suggestion and encouragement!This poem was born out of my intense inner conflict and struggles.And I hope that it will give comfort for those who have been through similiar paths. Kinuko

Kinuko H said...

Dear Jessica,
Yes, you are right in saying that our attachments are not God's best for me. For the truth-seeker, "attachments" are to be dealt with seriously and prayerfully, for often times, these attachments plus the fear of losing them, hinder us from facing the true Truth which eventually set us free.Thank you Jessica:) Kinuko