Friday, June 3, 2016

A hope in the lidded box

A hope.
A hope which still moves and aches in me from time to time.
Yes, Lord, I know that
Thy answer on this was No.
No longer do I argue with you.
For Thy will is always good.
So I put this hope in a tiny little box and
buried it in the grave.
But oh, Lord, I am still struggling and hesitant to put the lid on the box,,,
'coz, one day,,,I wonder if,,,you may reconsider Your decision?
But today, I understood
that Thy answer is as firm as a rock
and nothing ever can change it.
O Lord, I am a fragile, weak daughter.
Would You please hold my hand and
help me to close the box together?
One thing needful.
One way to heaven.
Let me move forward to that one thing.
I shall no longer look back.
Nor do I look at the things left behind.
Gracious King, my Bridegroom Jesus.
Heavenly treasure, the Beauty of beauties.
Lord, remember Thy little maiden.
Until the day of divine consummation.
Until the day of divine consummation.
written by Kinuko

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