Tuesday, July 19, 2016

No One Can Replace You: A Beautiful Essay by Sanae


There are many things in our lives with which we have to deal or face, alone. Yes, there are certain spheres where,--though we can receive some help and care from others somewhere on the way--, ultimately we ourselves have to face alone. That might include our birth, death, life lessons, sufferings and our encounter with God!
I believe that our faith journey is an unique and matchless story between you and God, for only He will be able to keep staying with you in the place where you have to face alone.

Isn't it rather "blessing" that there still remain some walled areas in us, the areas which separate you from other people and that we cannot really understand each other perfectly, even among our closest kinfolks or faith friends? Why do I call it a blessing? That's because through this, we often come to realize that only the relationship with God would last,--and nothing else. You know, often times, we tend to forget or be insensitive to the relationship with Him, when we just feel content with the relationship with our beloved ones.

And I see the love of God, even in the face of the solemn fact that we have to stand alone. His desire for us is not to copy or imitate somebody else or to do according to some "orthodox" manual. No, He wants us to know Him! As Kayla Mueller wrote in her last letter; the thing remains until the end is our relationship with God. O that I shall keep it in my mind and heart!
-translated from Japanese by Kinuko



Jessica R said...

Thank you for this beautiful essay, Sanae and Kinuko!
I agree with it, and can say that I have experienced some of those same truths myself. When I have gone through hardships, I have not always been able to count on other people to understand me completely. Yes, they may have sympathized with my situation, or they may have tried to help in some way; but, they could not always relate to the particulars of what I was going through and how I was feeling inside.
Ever since I was a young teenager, I have always known that God is the only One Who could understand me through and through, and I have always longed to "know Him, as I am known of Him," as the saying goes. That's the day I look forward to with much fervor: the day I will look Jesus in His beautiful eyes, and see them look back at me with deepest understanding, compassion, hope, and love. Even now, I know that they see me, though invisibly to my human sight.
I am thankful that I am privileged to have (just like all other believers) a close, dependent relationship with my Creator.
I am also thankful for friends who, though they may not understand me perfectly, offer their support and lend their ears to me when I need it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sanae,
This is filled with so much wisdom! I agree with you in the fact that although I can share some of my deepest problems with my faith friends, and they can offer me sound, godly advice, nevertheless, they can't truly know what I'm going through. Just like I can't completely understand what they go through either. This has been a really tough lesson for me to learn, to turn to God in my need instead of to friends or even my husband. I say my husband because he's been my best friend for many years. But if I don't work on my relationship with God and depend too much on my husband as my authority, when my husband isn't there in some situation, I'll be lost. It has happened, and exactly like you said, God loved me enough to let me go through the time of testing, so I would realize my worth as His daughter first and foremost. It was a definite blessing!
Thankyou, Kinuko, for translating Sanae's essay on your blog!
Much love to you both :-) Ruthie

Anonymous said...

Thank you,Jessica and Ruthie.It was Kinuko's idea to translate my Japanese comment for this blog.What I wrote on this essay is what God allowed me to know in my faith journey.I am so blessed to read your sharing about this matter.How encouraging!

I have read last letter of Miss kayla Jean Mueller both in Japanese and in English.(Japanese Christian translater living in USA introduced the letter in her blog)
I was so moved when I read it for the first time.Her letter inspired me to write this essay.

Wherever we may be,whatever may happen,we can be with our God.Thank you so much for being there.I'm so happy to read your comments.

Dear Kinuko,thank you for translating.I heard that believers from many countries read this blog.May your activities and what we share be encouragement for those who are struggling by many trials and persecution in the world.Let me keep on praying for you.Thank a lot!


Kinuko H said...

It is such a sweet fellowship, Jessica, Ruthie and Sanae! Though we live far away from each other geographically right now, soon we'll all go and live in a big, big house together where there is no separation, misunderstanding, loneliness, despond, tears nor death. Until then, let us continue to walk this earthly journey patiently and joyfully. Kinuko