Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Comfort Words For Missionaries In Spiritual Chains

When we hear the word "missionaries," we often think of the figures like David Livingstone, Adniram Judson etc who have played active roles in the foreign mission field.

But then, what about Christian servants who are powerlessly lying in sick bed right now? What about mission-minded, spirit-filled passionate Christians who are chained and downcasted under the discouraging circumstances?

Did Paul and Silas stop being "missionaries" when they were chained in an obscure, dark dungeon in Philippi (Acts16)?

Did Hadson Taylor, a founder of China Inland Mission, stop being a  missionary when he was forced to retire in a shabby apartment in London, being forgotten by most of his friends and supporters for nearly 7 years? Was that the "end" of his missionary life?

No! No matter what the situation may be, they had never stopped being missionaries. Because it was He who appointed them to be His missionaries and He has power to keep holding and sustaining us in the darkest period of our lives.

People tend to value our "usefulness" by our outward activities and public displays. However, the Kingdom values tell us something completely different. It's a upside-down value system! In this system, the outward chains, limitations, shortage, lacking, and lamentable situations would rather be considered "blessedness" because those who mourn shall be comforted (Matt 5:4)

Dear Father in heaven, I lift up my hands and pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are in chain. How difficult their situation might be! How easily they may be tempted to sink into the pond of despondency! O gracious Lord, hold them tightly and remind them once more that they are Your missionaries and they shall be until the end! In Jesus' name. Amen.