Friday, November 25, 2016

Holiness and Purity in French Christian Worship; The birth of the youtube channel "Richesses du répertoire chrétien" (=Richness of the Christian Songs Directory) By Sister Caroline

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Dear readers, imagine that you are living in a city where there are five churches. Two of them are fairly liberal Protestant churches which deny the inspiration of the Bible blatantly. 

The remaining two are not liberal but one is a rock'n' roll-type of modern evangelical, seeker-friendly church and the other is a Pentecostal church which is preaching the Prosperity Gospel. The last one is a Catholic church whose priest is said to be a devout man of God. 

So, if you are a Bible-believing evangelical/pentecostal  Christian, which church would you choose to go?

Actually, this is not a hypothetical question but the bare reality which some of our Bible-believing Christians are facing in a certain city in France. So, you can imagine how hard it might be for one believer to be under such a dry spiritual environment. But, His Spirit is working right in the middle of the spiritual desert in France.

Our dear French sister Caroline has just established a Christian music channel called, "Richesses du répertoirechrétien" (=Richness of the Christian Songs Directory).

And she has already uploaded a very beautiful French hymn called, "Si Jésus quelqu’un veut te suivre" (=Jesus, if someone wants to follow You) which was composed by Mission Timothéewhich is a conservative Protestant church founded in 1972.

English translation

1. Jesus, if someone wants to follow you
He should always take up his cross.
He musts renounce to live for his own
And be ready to lose everything because of You.

Chorus :

O Lord You know I love You
I don’t want to care about myself
So I renounce myself
In order to follow my course with joy.
Your promise sustains me :
« He who loses his life shall find it »
In faith I trust your Word
Thus Your love will accomplish

2. Do you like your father or your mother,
Your wife or your children more than Me ?
If it’s your own life that you prefer
You can’t be worthy of Me.

3. Be crucified to the world
May the world be less and less attractive to you
So that the life of Christ abounds
Don’t be an enemy of the cross.


Our Heavenly Father, we come to worship You with a holy fear and sweet adoration. You know the desperate spiritual needs in the land of France, Belgium and other French-speaking nations. Many sincere believers are crying out for holiness and purity in Thy sanctuary. They want to worship You in spirit and in truth. 

We thank You for sending Caroline in our midst. We thank You for her genuine faith and passion for You and Your Kingdom. Please bless her heart and her youtube channel "Richesses du répertoire chrétien." May the holy and reverent hymns of God in her channel will fill the hills, mountains and spiritual deserts of many seeking souls in distant lands and nations. 

May the songs and spirituality of Mission Timothée will be the rebirth of French Reformation in the 21st century. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.

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Here is the link for people who want to add subtitles to Caroline's channel :


Anonymous said...

Thank you for introducing this channel! I hope that their beautiful hymns with profound message will be listened more in French speaking countries. I think that they are trying to inherit tradition of old hymns with rich spirituality.So simple,plain,but profound.

May God bless Caroline's mission work,constant effort for His kingdom and her faith journey.


Kinuko H said...

Dear Sanae,
Good evening, thank you for your comment! Yes, your observation of their hymns (that they are trying to inherit the tradition of old hymns with their rich spirituality. And their songs are simple, plain and profound.) If you have recommendations of their songs/hymns, please share with us! Thank you.

Anonymous said...
éleve ta voix et crie(raise your voice and shout)

beautiful uplifting hymn.You can find its music sheet on mission timothee's website.

Today I got bad cold,but listening thier hymn seems to encourage me!


Kinuko H said...

Dear Sanae,
Oh, I am so sorry to hear that you've caught a cold! In Greek, we say, perastika, which means, "get well soon!" I listened to the Mission Tumothee song which you linked here. Wow, it was beautiful, too! Thank you for introducing us. And as always, thank you so much for your warm support, Sanae! Kinuko

Jessica R said...

I was so pleased to hear about sister Caroline's new channel! I have subscribed and look forward to hearing more beautiful music in the future!
Also, I want to say Amen to Kinuko's prayer.

Kinuko H said...

Yes, Jessica, I am excited, too! If the Lord willing, she might be able to share with us her testimony about the Christian music:)