Tuesday, November 29, 2016

In Difficult Moments of Life

for my suffering friends

In difficult moments of life,
When sorrow constricts the heart,
A wondrous prayer to God
I steadily do recite.

              There is a blessed strength
In the accord of living words,
Within them a sacred charm
So indescribably breathes.

A burden is shed from the soul,
Doubt swiftly disappears,
Belief returns, and so do tears,
And all is light and clear.

- M. Yu. Lermontov

Translated from Russian by Natalia Sheniloff (source

Heavenly and soul-soothing hymn "Praise the Lord" 


Anonymous said...

Beatiful poem and hymn.Everywhere we go,wherever we are,God is still there.I know that christian people also have to live in harsh reality.We get consolation and strength from God in secret place,go back to our daily life,our spiritual battle field.


Irina Glazkova said...

Dear Kinuko, I have recently sent you an e-mail. I have also received your parcel from Japan. I hope you received my e-mail.
Lermontov is one of my favorite poets.

Irina Glazkova said...

I am so grateful for studying Lermontov's work at school. Kinuko, I sent you an e-mail last week.