Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Take Heart, Trembling Souls!

When the soul is in mortal anguish,
When sorrow constricts the heart,
Gaze up at the sky: how wondrous
Is the Milky Way’s starry light.

The mercies of God are as countless
As the stars in this milky path.

May thou come to a realization,
That the twinkling of myriad stars
Is the light of His omniscient eyes,
Through which He sees human distress.

Let thy spirit fall not, but take heart,
Look up at the sky and pray hard!

written by Princess N.V. Ourusoff 
translated from Russian by Natalia Sheniloff (here)

"He telleth the number of the stars; he calleth them all by their names." (Psa.147:4) Isn't it lovely that each star has its special name, given by Him? Have you ever wondered that the twinkling of myriad stars above us is the light of His omniscient eyes, through which He sees our hearts--our trembling, feeble hearts? Therese of Lisieux once said:Jesus! Your arms are the elevator which will lift me to heaven,” She came to realize that she had to let Jesus embrace her and lift her, in her littleness, to Heaven. I find such a deep solace in it. Do you?