Monday, November 14, 2016

The Pilgrim Way

It seems to me that our inner/outer seclusion and detachment are an unavoidable consequence of following the footsteps of the Lamb of God. His followers' got cornered, marginalized and deserted in the way where there is nobody else but the cross which he has to carry... alone. This is a solemn but a profound truth which Jesus proclaimed. (Matt.10:38,39)  

O the centrality of the cross of Jesus Christ---! O the formation of His death and resurrection in our sinful, mortal body---! How great Thou art!  

Dead, yet delivered; die, O soul.
Trust God to bring thee through;
Wrecked on thy God, e'en death is gain.
Fear nothing; die, and go.
Through death to prove God's mighty power
To deal with such a foe.
To die in faith, a risen life
By faith, henceforth to know.

-M.E. Barber

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