Sunday, March 5, 2017

Thy servant, Lord, hath nothing in the house


Thy servant, Lord, hath nothing in the house,
Not even one small pot of common oil;
For he who never cometh but to spoil
Hath raised my poor house again, 
That ruthless strong man, armed,
whom men call Pain.

I thought that I had courage in the house,
And patience to be quiet and endure,
And sometimes happy songs. 
Now I am sure Thy servant truly hath not anything;
And see, my song-bird hath a broken wing. 

My servant, I have come into the house
I who know Pain's extremity so well
That there can never be the need to tell
His power to make the flesh and spirit quail:
Have I not felt the scourge, the thorn, the nail?

And I, his Conqueror, am in the house,
Let not your heart be troubled---do not fear:
Why shouldst thou, child of Mine, if I am here?
My touch will heal thy song-bird's broken wing,
And he shall have a braver song to sing. 

Amy Carmichael, Nothing in the House