Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A tiny flower in the remote forest

To my dear sister in Christ,

I happened to find a tiny, little flower in the remote forest.

My dear, I know that you are living 
in a small, obscure and restricted place.
<Yes, and I don't have freedom to move.>

You are barely standing,
by your little, sensitive root
and your slender, delicate stem.
<So, I plead you, o rough winds, stay away from me.>

O, how beautiful you are!
Your whole tiny presence is a living reflection

of the indescribable beauty of our Creator.


Sabine Klein said...

Thank you for that wonderful poem! May GOD bless you, Kinuko as you continue to shine for HIM. In Christ, Sabine

Kinuko H said...

You are welcome, Sabine! I am so happy that you enjoyed this little poem. In Christ, Kinuko

Anonymous said...

Profound poem reminding me of many headcovering sisters who serve family and people in unknown places.They do not stand out themselves,nor claim to this world.Many people,even christians often do not notice them and their value.But I believe that they are so precious in God's eyes,too.

I also remember you and other sisters whenever I go out and find wildflowers in field.

Dear sisters,please stay as you are,even this world do not admit you.I think that we deepen relationship with God in unknown private place rather than lively crowded one.
You sisters seems to be ones who know this mostly in my eyes.
May God bless you and your family,your loving people.Thank you,Kinuko for writing this poem.


Kinuko H said...

Dear Sanae,
How loving and kind you are! Your words are full of compassion, tender care and delicate strength. You know, upon composing this little poem, one of strongest inspirations came from your very being and your dedicated life, Sanae. Your presence always and constantly reminds me of the nature of true beauty. Kinuko