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Friday, May 5, 2017

A small memorandum

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"I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course,,"  2 Timothy 4:7
τν καλν γνα γώνισμαι, τν δρόμον τετέλεκα,

I have fought a good fight,

--I want to fight a good fight for both internal and external purity of faith.
--but want to be careful to not mistake the fight opponents. Be sure to fight the right kind of fight.
--Whether the time is good or bad, whether I have many allies or almost none, I always want to be in His battlefield as a soldier of Christ.

I have run my course,

--I want to keep my face heavenward without looking downward nor looking around.
--I want to lighten my life's luggage as much as possible so that I can run better.
--Even when some situations force me to tear myself from my earthly dears and attachments, or the time when I would fall down terribly, O Lord, carry me in Thy arms and help me to continue this race until the end.


  1. As you know,one 40's lady of my church went to heaven in 2014 by cancer.After doctor told her about her sickness,only 35 days were left for her life on the earth.She asked her husband to believe Jesus sincerely,told her 2 sons to stay in God whatever happens in their lives. She passed away on one Sunday quietly.
    I saw her in her funeral,she was smiling in the coffin.Her left husband and sons attend service with us still.

    This incident-story of her last days changed me so much.I begun to think about my last day on the earth,and what I should be and do today more clearly.And got to know that many things I cherished is not so important for our faith journey.

    We do not know about future.Only God knows.But now I know that many solidiers of Chtists who keep fighting are there all of the world.

    May we keep going on this journey until our last breath.
    Thank you for sharing,Kinuko.


    1. Amen. Amen. This is so true. I also think that when we stand on the brink of the shoreless sea and live a day as if this is the very last day on this earth, then, immediately our whole life would be transformed. We no longer stick to various trifles nor vain things. We start to hate sinning all the more because we know that we shall stand at the judgement seat of Christ soon..very soon (2 Cor.5:10).

      You know, dear Sanae, nowadays, whenever I translate the articles regarding the evangelical feminism issue which would eventually lead us to liberalism and the denial of the authority of Scripture, I pour all of my life on it as if this is the last article I could translate on this earth. So, I choose articles very carefully so as not to waste time or energy. Our time is limited. We have to target on the central point of the issues behind.

      Thank you so much again for your precious testimony. I would cherish it greatly. with love and thanks, Kinuko