Sunday, January 4, 2015

A truth seeker in the 21st century

I am a treasure hunter. I mean, human treasure. I am always looking for souls who reflect His beauty, holiness and wisdom. Nothing attracts me but those who are sincerely seeking truth in the midst of this lie-filled world.

Sister Jessica (Truth at Home) is an amazing lady whom I found as a real truth seeker. She was born in a Christian home and was raised as a homeschooled kid. Although she was a serious, believing child, as she grew, several factors caused her to be far from God and she suffered. 

Out of inner turmoils and tears, she started to search biblical truth again. Her single-mindedness and insightfulness reminds me of Mrs.Isobel Kuhn, a late Canadian missionary to Lisu tribe and her famous autobiography, By Searching.

You can read Jessica’s testimony here (My Faith Journey segment Isegment II). She also wrote an excellent post about head covering. She wrote this article from the viewpoint of symbolism, which was, for me, very educational and insightful. Here is her article: Reviving a Neglected Ordinance: The Meaning of the Headcovering. 

Like me and many other sisters in the world, she is the only one in her church who covers. Dear covering sisters, let us visit her blog and encourage our courageous sister! I need her, I need you, we need her, she needs you and we all need each other's support and love. 

Lastly, I will close this post with the words of Isobel Kuhn. 

"When is the search ended? In one sense, it is finished when our hand, stretched out to God in the name of His appointed mediator Jesus Christ feels the answering grasp and knows that He is there.  
But in another sense the searching never ends, for the first discovery is quickly followed by another and that by another-and so it goes on. 
As I write, it is dawning a new day. The far horizon has seen the bright spot of the rising sun, but heavy clouds soon covered it. These clouds have become illuminated and streaks of pink and gold beauty are breaking through chance rents in their filmy cover. Glory after glory appears as the eye eagerly explores the heavens. 
And so it is with God. To find that He is, this is the mere starting point of our search. We are lured on to explore what He is, and that search is never finished, for it grows more thrilling the further one proceeds."                                                                                            (Chapter 10, By Searching.)