Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A word of comfort for sisters who are under trials and difficulties

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Dear sister, are you suffering? Do you feel that you are in a barren land all alone? Are you under severe pressures? Do you feel nobody really cares for you? Do you feel that your cross is so heavy that you cannot bear it anymore?

Recently I received so much consolation from reading an article about Leah, a less-loved-wife of Jacob in the book of Genesis. Her life was full of sorrows and trials. Out of her desire to gain love from her husband, she bore 6 boys and a girl, but only in vain. She suffered from inferiority complex toward her beautiful younger sister Rachel. Her children has always been the source of her anxiety.

Here the author asked the following questions to the readers;

"Was the Lord indifferent to the life of Leah? Is our God unfair?"

What do you think, sisters? Was He indifferent to Leah and much more interested in Rachel? When we face difficulties or see our beloved ones suffer, we sometimes wonder why God allowed it to happen. I know one refugee woman here. Her husband is a drug addict and she had to sleep in the park with her little children several times. To make the matters worse, her 6-year-old son became critically ill last week and has been hospitalized since.

So let's go back to our questions; Is our God unfair? Is He indifferent to the life of Leah? Does He really care about our lives? I believe that our fundamental happiness depends on our response to these questions. Please hear what the author tells us;

"No, God is not unfair. Rather, our Righteous God had been preparing the plan of the salvation for humankind through the very life of Leah. Indeed, He had a plan to send Messiah to the sin-ridden world through Judah, the fourth son of Leah (Itaru Miyasaka, Series 7th, Life of Leah the Wife of Jacob. Original source here)".

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And he continues to encourage us as follows;

"Like Leah, we might not be able to receive enough love from those we desperately desire to be loved. Or we might receive indescribable sufferings from our beloved ones. Or our lives might come to the end without getting any earthly reward. Still,,but, still, the most noble, pure and perpetual love of God through Jesus Christ, has been poring into the heart of this soul like an unceasing river".

This is my sincere prayer that the God of Leah who granted her everlasting honor and heritage would grant you peace and comfort in the midst of current trials and difficulties.

O Father please comfort her and give her inner strength to endure her cross. Please send helpers and let her taste You love through them. If she is dealing with a difficult person, please fill her with Christ-like love and give her final victory. If she is suffering loneliness right now, please give us opportunities to make friends with her. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


Anonymous said...

Ms.Kinuko,I'm Sanae. I have a kid's bible stories called 'The Jesus storybook Bible' by Sally Lloyd Jones,(its japanese version) to read for my son.
In this book she is telling about Leah.
Leah seemed to be loved by nobody,but God loved her so much and through her descendants heaven's prince came,she says.
That was a first point of view for me at that time.Your article reminded me of that.
I also believe that God never be unfair to all of us,too.
May there be inner peace from Lord in those who are in their trials.

Jessica R said...

This was a very touching article. We all need to be reminded that God sees our troubles, and that He cares. Thank you for the encouragement!

Irina Glazkova said...

Ms Kuniko,
I just started to read a novel called 'Beloved Leah'
By Cynthia Davis. It describes Leah's experience from personal point of view.
After Rachel died, Leah became the mistress of the house. When Joseph had a dream Jacob told him that "I, your mother and your brothers will not bow to you". Imagine how Leah felt after the death of Rachel. She had to raise Rachel's sons. Leah had a heart full of love for her sister. She didn't betray Rachel when she hid idols under the sadle. Leah's attitude changed: "Judah" means "praise". She praised God for her son.
Thank you so much for your blog!!

Kinuko H said...

Dear Sanae san, Jessica and Irina, thank you so much for your comments. I have never thought about the life of Leah before I read this article, but now, thanks God, I am receiving grace after grace from your sharing and inputs. Sanae san, thank you for mentioning the book of Sally.L. Jones. Also Irina, for introducing us about "Beloved Leah" written by Cynthia Davis.

You are like a deep well, my sisters. Whenever I inquire something, you will just bless me with your deep spiritual knowledge and experiences. God bless you!