Saturday, January 17, 2015

I’ve found an Asian headcovering sister! Thank you, sisters, for praying with me.

Last Monday, as you remember, I offered a humble prayer for our headcovering sisters (here). And inside this, I also prayed for Asian sisters as follows;

Lord, I haven’t heard many headcovering testimonies from Asian region so far, where my earthly homeland is located. I long to see and interact with other Asian covering sisters as well. Please raise up headcovering sisters in the nations such as China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, Mongolia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and so on. Please guide me to find them and guide them to find me! My heart is open for them.

Sisters, guess what happened? Within just a few hours after publishing this prayer, I received an email from one sister in Japan! She has made a tremendous effort to find my contact address and wrote to me. O I could hardly contain my joy when I read her testimony. She told me that our headcovering testimonies inspired her and she decided to cover her head as well. And after some hesitation, she finally decided to contact with me, because she wanted to let me know that our prayers were being answered!

This was absolutely awesome! Dear North American covering sisters, please take heart. The head covering movement is not a regional, small phenomenon. No, as you see us, it is a global, trans-cultural and universal recovery movement! The Bible is true and eternal. And Jesus’ words endure forever.

Now the Spirit of Truth is working and inviting maidens from the four corners of the earth.

Jesus with love still is seeking
For hearts that are aflame,
To make their lives an off’ring
Inspired by love for Him   -B.Shlink

Sisters, let us continue to pray for each other and for our future covering ladies who are to join us and inherit this incredible heavenly treasure together.

                          (Instrumental hymn Sweet hour of prayer, William W. Walford, 1845)