Thursday, January 15, 2015

Let us encourage and pray for our brother Jeremy Gardiner together!

Hello, dear ladies. How are you? Even though I haven’t met you, I am thinking of you every day and my heart yearns for you. Now the Lord has given me several covering sister friends and we are enjoying very sweet and intimate fellowship with each other. And we long to have you in our sweet fellowship as well.

Well, last night, as we were sharing, we realized that we need to pray and support our male expositors more. And then I thought of our brother Jeremy Gardiner. I thought of the works which he has done for us so far. This young man of God, without any strong supports nor backing, stood up all alone for Him and for us. And he has fought a good fight in order to defend us and protect us from accusations. Look how many ‘famous and prestigious’ expositors are still against headcovering teachings and how brave he is to face all these challenges! It reminds of the fight between David and giant Goliath.

I think we all agree that the site which he started ( has been a peaceful haven for us. In fact, many of us have got to know each other through this site, right? Having pondered these things, I thought it is good to express my thanks to him. So after prayer, I went to his site and left a thank-you note as follows;

Dear Jeremy,
Hello, how are you? I just want to tell you how much we appreciate your service. This site which you started with faith and love has been a source of encouragement and shelter for many many sisters including me.

Today I remembered your essay entitled “Will you stand alone?: A call to be the first to cover”. It was a wonderful essay. The mission which God commissioned you must be a hard one and many times you might have felt lonely in doing all these tasks by yourself. Jeremy, we cheer you up! And we will intercede for you and support you with prayers more and more from now on. May our Lord illuminate you with divine wisdom as you write the book.

We also pray that our Lord will bring more supporters and like-minded expositors near you. Once again, I sincerely express our gratitude for all the toils and services which you have done for Him and for us. When we all go to heaven, at that time, you shall be surprised how many lone covering sisters have found comfort and support from your service. 

Then, today, I received a reply from him. 

"Thank you so much. That was much needed encouragement. Very providential." 

Dear sisters, shall we all offer a short prayer for him before going to bed tonight? Shall we express our gratitude by sending him a word of encouragement today? Shall we pray to God to guide us how we can encourage him and his family?

Father, we lift up our brother Jeremy tonight. He has been toiling day and night for the sake of us. O God, grant him Your comfort and inner strength to continue this work which You have started through him. Anoint him with the Holy Spirit. And please guide each of us how we can support and encourage him in a concrete way. Help us to glorify and comfort You by our pure love to each other. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.

He said, "Love,,,as I have loved you." We cannot love too much. -Amy Carmichael