Monday, January 19, 2015

Let us tenderly and reverently call Jesus, our heavenly bridegroom

Our modern society has lost a sense of respect and reverence. National leaders are mocked, pastors are mocked, and fathers are mocked and disrespected.

But the saddest reality of the 21st century is that the name of our Lord Jesus Christ is openly and shamelessly mocked worldwide.

Some years ago, I encountered one Buddhist lady and we chatted in English. What made me shocked was that this Asian lady, being totally ignorant of Christianity, kept saying “Oh, Jesus Christ!” whenever she wanted to express her disgusted feelings. 

It was obvious that she had learned this kind of bad usage from Hollywood movies. She might have thought it was "cool" if she used this expression because it could impress others that her English was excellent and sounded natural like native speakers.

Oh, what a tragedy! The name of our heavenly bridegroom is being mocked not only by Christians but also by the mouth of gentiles. He was a Man of sorrow (Isa 53:3) and still is a Man of sorrow. He was despised and He is being despised.

Dear sisters, mothers, grandmothers, let us all stand up for Jesus with holy flame. Let us tenderly, affectionately and reverently call His name in our inner sanctum. Let us sanctify His name by our pure words and actions. O Father, let people esteem Thy Son by seeing our reverent attitude toward Him.

Though high above all praise,
Above all blessing high,
Who would not fear his Holy name,
And laud and magnify?

Stand up and bless the Lord,
The Lord your God adore;
Stand up, and bless His glorious name
Henceforth for evermore.   –James Montgomery, 1824