Monday, January 12, 2015

Prayer for our dear headcovering sisters

Our Heavenly Father, from a little corner of this earth, I humbly ask your attention and offer prayers. With my friend Jessica, we come to your presence in the name of Jesus Christ.

I’ve read many headcovering testimonies in various blogs and Christian sites. They are very brave and faithful to Your words in spite of unsupportive environments. O Father, please bless all of them, give them perseverance and inner strength to stay in their (our) convictions. Please encourage them when they feel lonely and sad.

I pray for Bro. Jeremy Gardiner. Now he is writing a book about headcovering. Please give him divine wisdom. I also pray for other brothers who are defending us and teaching this biblical doctrine bravely in spite of oppositions and mocking. Please raise up more and more male expositors and teachers in various nations and anoint them with Thy Holy Spirit.

Lord, I haven’t heard many headcovering testimonies from Asian region so far, where my earthly homeland is located. I long to see and interact with other Asian covering sisters as well, Father. Please raise up headcovering sisters in the nations such as China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, Mongolia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and so on. Please guide me to find them and guide them to find me! My heart is open for them. Please guide me how I can be a blessing and encouragement for them.

Lord, I love my covering sisters! They are like lovely flowers to me. They are my fellow pilgrims and my family. Wherever they are on this earth, be with them and sustain them moment by moment. I pray this in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.