Monday, April 20, 2015

The Blessed Minority―A Word Of Encouragement To Our Headcovering Sisters

In the world, numbers matter. People tend to evaluate things by counting numbers and hit charts. They assess the degree of success by counting the views or the number of products they could sell. Even christians tend to evaluate the churches or the ministries by counting the number of the attenders.

The Bible, however, tells us something completely different. The inspired words of God show us that there is a paradoxical principle in the biblical world.  We see that He has been choosing “unproductive” way to cultivate His new spiritual roads. After all, was it rather “unproductive” in today’s sense that God chose just one man (Abraham) in order to create the new nation? Was it rather “unwise” that Jesus was not travelling widely during his earthly ministry? He could have used marvelous “marketing methods” in order to gain mass support and to propagate his ministry. But He did not choose such a way. He followed heavenly way instead.

Are you a headcovering sister? So, most probably you are in the overwhelming minority in your church (or society) right now. And I want to encourage you today that it is such a blessing that you are placed in an obscure corner! The paradoxical biblical principle is working in this realm as well.

Are you a headcovering sister? So you are a pioneer who is cultivating the new way. But you might tell me, “well, I don’t think I am a pioneer. The reality is that I am so afraid that I don’t even have a courage to explain my belief on headcovering to others.”  

No, my dear sister, regardless of your saying/not saying, you are a pioneer and you are playing an extremely important role in His divine history. Just like Abel, who still speaks by faith (Heb 11:4), your faith in action is speaking nonverbal messages to the visible and invisible world. And you don’t need to condemn yourself and say something like “Oh, maybe because of my weak faith, other sisters in my church don’t follow my example.”  Caleb was a great man of God but few people followed his example. So,again,the number is not His spiritual indicator and we should break off the pragmatic mindset completely.

There are additional blessings to be in the spiritual minority. One of them, I found, is that our lone stance furthers detachment from the world, which is in fact the blessed gateway to go to heavenly way. My friend Sanae said she saw many pious saints among headcovering sisters. Why? “That’s because most of them have sacrificed greatly in order to practice headcovering command. If they were not serious about the Bible truth, they did not have reached this point”, she says. And I heartily agree with her.

When Roger Williams (1603-1683) was wandering in the forest as a lone exile, could he imagine that he was actually pioneering the new road which would have lasting influence? He was an obscure religious minority at that time. But he stood. “,,for he endured, as seeing Him who is invisible.” (Heb 11:27 b) And so are we. We don’t see the numbers nor the outward situations. Ladies, let us keep looking unto Jesus who is the author and finisher of our faith!

“We have to stop wanting to see results, particularly in our service for the Lord. God works primarily in the invisible realm.” B.Shlink

Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Luke 12:32


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I feel that headcovering sisters were called by God to pray for recovery of churces.We are absolutely minority,maybe only one who is covered in our church,but by covering our head, we declair our submission/respect to creation order God hath made. If our God touched us to let us do this..great blessing!
Off course I know in any society,to practice headcovering is not so easy,fulltime or during prayers. But if He asked us to do this,He will also give us what we need to keep on,I believe.
Dear sisters,I respect highly your courage.And Kinuko,thank you for this post to encourage us.

Kinuko H said...

Dear Sanae, thank you so much for your deep insight. "Headcovering sisters are called by God to pray for the recovery of churches." O may His will be done!

You know, Sanae, when I see the history of recovery movement, I see that God has been using a few sincere souls to start something new. Do you remember, the first adult baptism was practiced in the obscure village home in Zorikon, Switzerland? It was a very small beginning and most of the participants that night were either imprisoned or killed as martyrs. But through their sincere faith in action, there occurred a wonderful spiritual recovery which has lasting influence.

We are on the road, heading for the unknown future. But our God is holding our future. Let us continue to run the race until we reach Him one glorious day. Kinuko

Anonymous said...

I've heard a lot of bizarre arguments against headcoverings. And apparently, there is some confusion. When Paul talks about headcoverings for women, he says "a woman ought to have a sign of authority on her head."

It's real simple: something is literally "above" her head, which she is "underneath." So the object on her head is something above her, symbolizing that authority is above her. The context was a discussion of headship. :)

The custom was clearly not temporal or cultural.

I went to one church in which I saw women wear headcoverings--not all, but some. I've never seen that before or since.

Kinuko H said...

Thank you for your comment! May God bless you and your journey with Christ. Kinuko

akhurnu said...

Wonderful post. I believe God calls us all to cover, as women. I am the only one in my church to do so, though I believe that at least one other woman wants to. It's not my goal to influence other women to cover, but I do want them to study the scriptures anew and pray for guidance. I believe God is using me because I'm a pastor's wife but also because it's incredibly difficult for me to submit, both to husband and God. I was hurt terribly by men as a child and it has resulted in pride and rebellion against anything that might make me appear to have less power than I want. My husband is having difficulty, too. He's not naturally one to lead when someone isn't willing to let him, so we've both been doing some growing in Christ.

Kinuko H said...

Thank you, my sister, for sharing your life testimony. Your sincerity touched my heart. Please excuse me for my late reply, as I was away from home for the past one month.

May our loving Lord encourage you and your husband. It is so beautiful to see how you are willing to let Him work in you. Also, I want to encourage you that your covering as a pastor's wife shall bring tremendous blessings to the seen/unseen world. It is much easier for one sister to start practicing headcovering if her pastor's wife is practicing it! God bless you abundantly. Kinuko