Monday, June 22, 2015

O To Be Holy! : The Poem And Prayer Of Amy Carmichael

We are to know nothing among any save Jesus Christ, and Him crucified.

For our calling, by its very nature, calls us apart from everything else;
it has for its object nothing less than this;

the showing of Christ,
the living of Christ,
among those who do not know Him.

The love of our God must shine through us unhindered
if we would live to Him here, and

whatever makes for holiness of life,
for the clearing of the glass through which the light shines,
this is for us and nothing else.

Searcher of spirits,
Thy Thou my reins and heart,
Cleanse Thou my inward part,
Turn, overturn and turn.

Wood, hay and stubble see,
Spread out before Thee,
Burn, burn.

Savior of sinners
Out of the depths I cry,

Perfect me or I die;
Perfect me,

Patient One;
In Thy revealing light,
I stand confused, outright, undone.

O to be holy!
Thou wilt not say me nay
Who movest me to pray

Enable to endure;
Spiritual cleansing Fire,

Fulfill my heart's desire.

Make pure.

from God's missionary by Amy Carmichael