Tuesday, June 2, 2015

One life of obedience can, and will, affect many other lives

Dear friends, how have you been? First of all, thank you so much for your visit. I have never imagined that my humble testimony regarding headcovering has been read by so many friends in all over the world. 

I thank Brother Jeremy Gardiner (headcoveringmovement.com) for his tremendous effort and dedication for the sake of Him and for us. I also thank our Prayer Team friends, especially Jessica who is my fellow coordinator. Thank you, Sanae, my fellow headcovering sister in Japan. Without her constant help and support, I could not have continued this work until today. Dear Caroline, my little sister, thank you for translating my writings in French. It is my great joy to have many visitors from French speaking nations! Kegan, I see the spirit and passion of Amy Carmichael in you. Irina, your life testimony has touched many lives in Japan! Deborah, your holy passion for His Kingdom has inspired me. MB, Tessa, Regina, Sarina, Ruthie, Wanda, Amy, Laura and all,,,O how much I love you and cherish your beings!

I respect you because of your firm faith and love toward Jesus Christ. I know that many of you decided to cover in the midst of difficulties and loneliness. You are so brave and beautiful. One of the remarkable characteristics, which I have found in you, is your passion for seeking the Bible truth and your sincere desire to please Him by obeying His words. It is rather difficult to find a believer like you and I say from the bottom of my heart that you are a precious treasure. In my room, there is a big world map, --the dreamy map which I see each of you in it. Is it possible to see you face to face one day while we are on this earth? I wish we do!

Lastly, I am going to quote a beautiful poem composed by our sister Jessica. The theme of this poem is: One life of obedience can, and will, affect many other lives. We see the prime example of this in the very life of Jesus Christ. And it also applies to your courageous life, my friend!

                          Ripples in the water

This sea was made by God. 
All the people talking, eating, driving, singing, hurting, celebrating:
This great sea of people had it’s beginning with just One Person. 
Sometimes, the world seems so immense to me; 
I am just one in billions. 
How does my One Life make sense in this crowd? 
After all, even without me,
All the people will continue talking, eating, driving, singing, hurting, celebrating. 
And then, I remember: 
On the deep water’s smooth surface, ripples spread quickly and far. 
One person. 
One person brave enough to make ripples in the water.