Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Tender comfort for those who are under sorrow

I have known Sorrow; I have been acquainted
With her pale face; her voice, her footsteps known,
Oft uninvited she has crossed my threshold,
To speak with me alone.
I loved her not! I gave to her no welcome;
Asked not her errand, closed to her my heart;
With chilling words, and with a face averted,
I urged her to depart.
She went, but came again; as a dove flutters
Above some dear retreat, she oft returned;
I heard her wings but offered her no shelter,
Her coming flight I spurned.
At last, by my repelling frowns unwearied,
Again she ventured nigh, and thus she spake:
“I come from One thou lovest!” showed her tokens,
Grew welcome, for His sake.
Thenceforth she sat my guest, revered and honored
And her stern face unlovely ceased to be.
When life interpreting, she sat beside me,
Made Christ more dear to me.
And yet her presence drove from out my threshold,
The treasures that His hand in bounty gave;
Groans wrung she from me, as I knelt in anguish
At the relentless grave.
Upon the rock of sore suspense she laid me,
Not once, but often, tore me limb from limb;
And when I shrank, and wept, and cried for mercy,
She pointed but to Him.
And so by turns sore-smitten, soothed, instructed,
I sit at her dear feet, and smile on her,
Who came on wings of love to scourge and prove me-
Christ’s precious messenger!
Elizabeth Prentiss


Irina Glazkova said...

Kinuko, this poem is exactly what I needed to hear. You have such a tender heart full of love, compassion and empathy.
Your little sister in Christ,

Kinuko H said...

Dear Irina, good morning! I was delighted to find your loving comments. Thank you! I was glad to know that this poem gave you comfort. Last week, this "sorrow" visited me and sadden me. That day, I read this poem and was greatly comforted. Sanae told me she was also comforted by this poem. May "sorrow" draw us even closer and closer to Him. with love and thanks, Kinuko

Anonymous said...

Dear Kinuko,
This is a wonderful and touching way to view sorrow. My mother in law passed away last year, and she had lived with us for almost 7 years. I still get teary eyed thinking of her, missing her. This thought that I'm feeling sorrow so that Jesus can draw close to me during these times is a very special thing.
Sorrow doesn't have to be over the death of a loved one but can also be over a relationship that is strained with friend or family. This is when we can truly feel the Holy Spirit as our comforter, as well.
Thankyou, Kinuko.

Kinuko H said...

Dear Ruthie, thank you so much for your loving words. I could see how you cherished your mother-in-law.

"This thought that I'm feeling sorrow so that Jesus can draw close to me during these times is a very special thing. " Yes, amen.

When sorrow comes, I usually read Christian poems or write them myself. In this way, He often helps me to stick to Him regardless of my stormy emotional conditions.

p.s. How is your husband's condition? I hope he is better. Please send my best regards to him.

with love and thanks,

Anonymous said...

Dear Kinuko, Thankyou so much for your concern for my husband. I will definitely send him your best regards. That is so very kind of you to care :-) He is feeling much better after his gall bladder operation. His doctor said that it was one of the worst gallbladders he had ever worked on. Brian was very sick before hand, and had very poor color. He came home with a drainage tube, that we changed the dressing on daily. He is back to work and truly feeling 100% better. He's going to the doctors for routine appts. for his heart and his eyes. Diabetes has affected many things for him, but most recently his eye sight. So far, it has stabilized, but he has lost some vision in his left eye. Again, God is so good because Brian can still drive and see his computer which is what his job requires. We have been learning so much during this time about God's provision and care for our family. Our kids have grown closer to their dad, and we try not to take our time with him for granted. We live a very normal life, but there is always that little thought in the backs of our heads of what's going to happen next with dad?
The answer is that the Lord already knows, and He will take care of us no matter what :-)
I'm glad you're back as what you write is very much an encouragement to us all. Good bless you! Ruthie

Kinuko H said...

Oh, dear Ruthie, after I read your message, I was just still in front of the computer for quite a while. In this short message of yours, I could sense and feel extraordinary love, patience, sufferings, inner groans and faith in you and your family. So many things must have happened in your life and how bravely and patiently you have stood in front of all those trials!

Ruthie, I want to honor you and give you a big big prize. Few people can accept the life facts with such a hope and faith like you do. You are the Elizabeth Prentiss
in the 21st century and I am grateful to have known you, a woman of God!

Please share with me about you and your husband from time to time so that I can pray for you constantly.

with love, respect and Christian fellowship,

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note from my husband... Thankyou so much, Kinuko, for thinking and asking after me. I appreciate all the prayers that you have sent and will send on my behalf. May God continue to richly bless you as you serve Him. With highest regards, Brian

Kinuko H said...

Dear Brother Brian and Sister Ruthie, thank you so much for your reply. I felt so honored to receive a message from your dear husband, Brian. I've heard from Ruthie about your extraordinary patience and faith under the trials and pains. I respect you so much. Your life testimony itself is a living proof that our Lord is living and that He is the victorious One. Yours sincerely, Kinuko