Monday, August 10, 2015

The Recovery of Headcovering Practice (1 Cor 11) Uplifts And Furthers Complementarianism


I am your fellow complementarian and I deeply appreciate the efforts which our fellow brethren have done over the years, in order to recover biblical manhood and womanhood.

Today, I'd like to testify to my dear complementarian friends that the practice of fabric headcovering which is written in the 1 Corinthians 11 has deepen my relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. It is so wonderful. And I came to be convicted more and more that the recovery of Headcovering practice uplifts and even furthers our complementarianism itself. Our fellow headcovering sisters also testify that this practice really encourage them to seek biblical womanhood with all their hearts.

We can discern whether one teaching is from the Lord or not, by their fruits. And indeed, regarding the headcovering teaching, we have seen and tasted the wonderful fruits so far. After covering their heads, many wives have become much more obedient and tender toward their husbands. Many young sisters who used to wear immodest clothes started to wear modest dress after they practiced headcoverings. Through simply obeying this biblical command, the symbol has come to be alive in the depths of our soul and it penetrates both our inner and outer spheres. It is too wonderful to explain in words!  

Oh, how blessed we are to be able to obey this biblical command of headcovering freely and joyously! It is the way of spiritual blessings and recovery. It is the way that we sisters find the beauty of biblical womanhood in a deeper level. Dear friends, I encourage you to watch the following short message made by Brother Jeremy Gardiner. I am sure it inspires you, too! May our Lord bless you and your family abundantly.