Sunday, August 9, 2015

We are too high; Make of us something like the low green moss: Amy Carmichael


We are too high;
Lord Jesus, we implore Thee,
Make of us
something like the low green moss
That vaunteth not, a quiet thing before Thee,
Cool for Thy feet sore wounded
on the Cross.
Like low green moss-
and yet our thoughts are thronging,
Running to meet Thee,
all alight, afire.
Thirsty the souls that burneth in love-longing;
Fountain and fire art Thou, and hearts' desire.
Therefore we come,
Thy righteousness our cover,
Thy precious Blood our one,
our only plea.
Therefore we come,
O Savior, Master, Lover;
To whom, Lord,
could we come save unto Thee?
-Amy Carmichael, Toward Jerusalem