Saturday, November 14, 2015

A letter of encouragement to dedicated daughters who are in an unsupportive environment


While we were in France for mission trip, we had a privilege to see Caroline (our young, fellow headcovering sister and an official French translator of HCM site) and stayed with her and her family for several days. My husband and I were impressed by her simplicity, inner beauty and genuine faith in Jesus Christ. Another dedicated daughter, Melanie who had read my headcovering/modesty testimony in French, came to see me, while I was there. Oh, what a joyous fellowship we had in a petit, lovely Mediterranean town of France! We wish you were with us there.
Having heard their stories, however, I could not help but lamenting over their unsupportive environment. I saw that many people around them, including so called Christians not only do not understand these daughters' dedication, separation from the world and obedient faith but they actually oppose or criticize them in various ways. And because these dedicated daughters are unexceptionally meek and respectful, they usually do not "voice" their refutation but silently endure all these misunderstandings and insensitive remarks from outside, and thus their inner cries tend to be unnoticed or overlooked. They are like delicate flowers who need most tender care and support but alas, these flowers are often mercilessly trampled down by reckless feet!
So I want to encourage you, our dedicated daughters who are in an unsupportive environment, that the path you are walking is both right and praiseworthy. This is the ancient but timeless path which countless devout Bible women in the past have trodden. Do people around you criticize or look down on you because you are "too much" Kingdom-focused and do not pursue academic/job career like most of the 21st century women do? Do people lament and say you are wasting your intelligence by "just" being at home? Do your relatives "encourage" you to wear nicer, more appealing external apparel in order to be an attractive woman? Do your Christian circle criticizes you and say you are legalistic and pharisaic-minded because of your literal obedience to His word?
Daughters, don't be discouraged! Our Father is rejoicing over you with joy and with singing. Keep going on this narrow path which our Lord has guided you. There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death (Prov. 14:12) but the way which you are walking is life-giving, Calvary road which leads you into the arms of Jesus, our King.